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Essential Data: One of Connecticut’s Best Companies

Last week, Essential Data was honored to be selected on Best Startup’s list of Best Connecticut Companies and Startups. The selected companies were chosen based on exceptional performance in innovation, growth, management, or societal impact, and Essential Data is proud

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With a Woman at the helm

Workers in the business writing field report change of environments in firms led by women CEO’s The gender gap may be more like a canyon when it comes to CEOs’ leadership styles and the corporate cultures they foster. A recent

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  Gary Strauss. USA TODAY. McLean, Va.:   Copyright USA Today Information Network Oct 20, 1999 America’s Newest Billionaire  AMERICA’S NEWEST BILLIONAIRE; One could almost hear the queen of gracious living utter ‘it’s a good thing’ after her company went

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Sales Diva

Tby Lisa Karam Middleton Integral to the success of Essential Data stands an office culture that promotes creativity, hard work and tangible results. Steadfast persistence and hard work has paid off for Essential Data Corporation. However, frustration sets in each

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