software disaster

Disaster Recovery Software in a Changing World

It can depend on the context, but the software works as an archaic and an in-vogue term. In the ’80s or ’90s, trending software were floppy disks and Microsoft Paint. Now, the software may tell the macOS Time Machine and Oculus Medium.…
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training manual

Having The Right Construction Training Manuals Is Essential

Every building you have ever been in was built by a construction worker. They follow a strict set of rules and regulations when building any structure to make it up to code. However, having the right training manuals and procedures in place when it comes to training construction workers is essential to their safety and the safety of anyone who enters the buildings.…
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compliance documentation folders

Compliance Documentation Is Important for Success

When it comes to running a successful business, there are many different factors in the equation. One of those is Compliance Documentation. ‘What is compliance documentation?’ You may ask. The definition is “A specific record and reports of information required to verify the implementation of a compliance program.”…
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a group of people working on a business continuity plan

Business Continuity Plans: Why You Should Believe in Them

Hubris warrants contingency makes for a good argument. This is the story of Icarus, Odysseus, Achilles, the Great Recession of 2008, and, most recently, the global COVID-19 pandemic. For each scenario, there were contingency plans. However, a mix of overzealous attitudes and lack of risk assessment left the plans ignored.…
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one person handing over a contract to another to be signed, representing the importance of an acceptable use policy in business

Why Is Acceptable Use Policy Important for Your Business?

Acceptable use policy (AUP) is a regulation that employees must follow within their company’s internet use. This document specifies practices and responsibilities which the user of the network must follow and agree to when using the web. Otherwise, they can face revocation of access.…
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User Documentation for Software

Booming Software Industry Needs Improved User Documentation

One of the most common mistakes in the software industry is confusing, missing, or even inaccurate user documentation. While this may seem unimportant or even illogical, it occurs fairly often and could have serious consequences.  What is User Documentation? User documentation is the workspace for any software project.…
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a folder of files, representing the importance of a business requirements document

Business Requirements Document: Definition and Tips

A Business Requirements Document, or BRD, is a document that outlines the specific needs of a business. Companies can use this document to ensure that their website or software meets the needs and expectations of their customers. In this article, we will discuss what goes into a good BRD, as well as tips for creating one.…
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Improving patient care with Clinical Documentation

How Clinical Documentation Improves Patient Care

What is Clinical Documentation Like a lot of technical work, clinical documentation has a name that, at first, may cause much confusion. It describes its purpose but is also slightly vague and general. Looking to the superficial, the name seems to contradict the specificity of the technical writing genre.…
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Instruction manuals improving user experience

How A Good Instruction Manual Will Help Customer Service

  The Instruction Manual is the first step in the customer experience Whenever you buy something in the store and have to do any type of work with the product it comes with a booklet known as an Instruction Manual. Sometimes those booklets are in a totally different language or make little to no sense when reading them.…
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