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Our Approach

We take an innovative approach to technical writing and documentation
services with a step-by-step process that focuses on client care.

Creating the optimal client experience

EDC’s streamlined, client-centric process efficiently and cost-effectively manages every aspect of the technical writing and documentation lifecycle—so you don’t have to.

Our team is actively involved in all technical writing projects, small or large. We take a fresh approach to generate innovative, fit-for-purpose ideas each and every time.
Always remembering no two technical writers or projects are alike!

We care

From top-notch technical writers to highly skilled Engagement Managers, you get personalized attention and guaranteed quality, with technical writing project solutions designed to increase your bottom line.

It’s easy to work with us

Our process entails a unique, step-by-step method that delivers the best possible outcome with the most qualified technical writer, or team of technical writers.

Here’s what you can expect…

The EDC Process

  • FIRST CONTACT: An EDC Engagement Manager promptly responds to client email or phone call and schedules a meeting.
  • PROJECT ASSESSMENT: A collaborative discussion is held to understand client objectives, documentation needs, and specific project requirements.
  • WRITER SELECTION: The client selects from hand-picked technical writers with the skillset and cultural fit for the project.
  • GETTING STARTED: The technical writer(s) gathers background information from SMEs, if available, and existing documentation, if it exists.
  • ALIGN & LAUNCH: All stakeholders participate in a kick-off meeting to ensure everyone is aligned with project scope, deliverables, and schedule.
  • DEVELOP CONTENT: The technical writer(s) creates a first draft of the documentation, filling in gaps, if necessary.
  • REVIEW & COMMENT: The client reviews the first draft and provides feedback for the writer to incorporate.
  • APPROVE: Once all edits are incorporated, the client reviews and approves the final draft.

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