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Technical Writing Case Studies

Biomedical Companies and Technical Writing: It’s a Match!

“A Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) survey found that a typical pharmaceutical company must, on average, manage a whopping 1250 SOPs with the average maintenance burden at 15,000 hours.” Tim Brennan, Technical Writing 101 for Biotech and Pharma Companies. That means that a team of 7 people, working full time, would be merely updating existing SOPs.

How Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers Choose New Tech

The agriculture industry is one of the most rapidly changing large-scale industries in the world. Climate change and resource scarcity becomes more daunting. Players in the industry have had to figure out ways to reduce their carbon, water, land, and other resource usages. Technological innovation is one of the key necessities in creating sustainable farming.

How Enterprise Technical Documentation Saves Time & Money

Large industrial manufacturers operate in extremely complex, high-stakes environments. These corporations often deal with multiple separate supply chains, manufacturing facilities, and branches of management. It is imperative that all of these elements consistently come together seamlessly. Essential Data Corporation has had meaningful experiences working with world-class enterprise manufacturers. One such manufacturer was a prominent producer.
Businesses large and small often use in-house products that aid in productivity for the entire company. An example of this is a mortgage loan originator. These in-house products take the form of virtual software or physical hardware. They use a wide variety of industries. During production, you must thoroughly document every step of the development.
Emerging industries are experiencing rapid growth. The medical marijuana industry, in particular, is booming, as researchers are discovering new uses for medical cannabis nearly every day. However, medical marijuana, like all new industries, is subject to laws and regulations that can change quickly. This is due to a patchwork of different laws across the country.
Whether the company is big or has precise needs for the project, all organizations enjoy greater success. They employ a top-notch technical writing service to handle their technical writing needs. Companies could issue the writing of an instruction manual or user’s guide to the same team that developed the product. However, this only heaps more.
The Financial Technology industry (known colloquially as FinTech) is simultaneously one of the fastest growing and most complex industries in the modern economy. As more and more of the economy dematerializes, the role technology plays in organizing and allocating money grows in size. Navigating this field can be daunting even for the industry’s largest players.
Changes in your company, such as growth or the creation of a new department, can be exciting. However, these developments can cause some unwanted issues. Change in the operations, systems, and organizations – among other pieces – of the company creates the need for new training. Also, there are new respective training tools and documents.
Website Content Services Having a strong website content service and web presence helps prioritize your business to succeed these days. Creating engaging, informative content on your website increases brand awareness and business. Indeed, the old axiom still holds, “content is king,” and keeping your website current is a massive undertaking. All the different up-to-date issues…
Launching a new product for your company is a thrilling, yet challenging, project. Technical team training documentation leads to enormous growth potential. Engineers and quality assurance teams confirm that everything works properly. However, customers constantly call your customer service line for assistance in using the product. To avoid backups, your company sends out a team.

E-Learning Start-Up – How EDC Made a Difference

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating and changed almost all daily routines, and strict quarantine rules put in place by governments have shed light on how critical remote work and education have become. Nearly a third of college students currently take classes remotely, and that number is sure to increase. Having an online portal where… 

Training and SOPs Ensure Manufacturing Compliance

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, compliance with industry standards stands as a cornerstone for success. As the demand for autonomous systems surges, ensuring adherence to rigorous regulations becomes paramount. In a recent case study, a prominent American defense company specializing in autonomous systems found itself at the forefront of this challenge. Faced with the imperative to overhaul its manufacturing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to meet evolving compliance standards, the company sought a strategic partnership to navigate this complex terrain.

Product Manuals Boost Hydraulic Equipment Sales

In the competitive hydraulic equipment industry, sales success hinges not only on stellar products but also on effective communication of their capabilities. Recognizing this, a leading player in the industry faced a setback as potential sales slipped through due to a lack of comprehensive product documentation. Ready for change, they turned to Essential Data to bridge this gap.

Product Manuals Streamline Hospital Care

In the fast-paced environment of healthcare, the importance of clear and comprehensive product manuals cannot be overstated. For a prominent hospital, ensuring staff proficiency in operating various medical devices was crucial for patient safety and efficient workflow. Recognizing this, the hospital enlisted Essential Data to develop tailored product manuals to guide their diverse medical staff.

Operator’s Manual for a Veterinary Diagnostic Analyzer

In the realm of animal healthcare, precision is paramount, especially when it comes to diagnostic equipment. A leading manufacturer of veterinary medicine and vaccines recognized the critical need for a comprehensive operator’s manual for their diagnostic analyzer. Essential Data was enlisted to simplify complex information and ensure clear instructions for veterinary professionals.

Standard Operating Procedures for a Credit Union

In the dynamic landscape of business operations, clarity in job procedures is paramount for seamless workflow and error prevention. Facing widespread confusion among employees, a credit union company recognized the urgent need for clear and detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to enhance efficiency and reduce mistakes. Turning to Essential Data for a solution, they aimed to establish comprehensive SOPs and job aid documentation tailored to their specific departments’ needs.

Refining User Guides for the Medical Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology, access to clear and organized information is paramount for breakthroughs in treatment accessibility. Recognizing this, a forward-thinking biotechnology company aimed to streamline their complex data management processes. Essential Data was enlisted to provide expertise in technical writing, understanding that efficient organization of critical information could expedite advancements and broaden treatment access worldwide.

Finding a Full-Time Writer for Surveillance User Guides

In the realm of surveillance technology, clear and comprehensive user guides are essential for effective product utilization. However, a specialized company designing surveillance systems faced challenges in securing a dedicated writer to create detailed instructional documents. Recognizing the critical need for precise documentation, the company turned to Essential Data for assistance.

Technical Manuals Help Navigate Government Policies

In the pursuit of extending cell service to economically disadvantaged communities, a wireless services company faced a critical challenge: ensuring strict policy compliance while delivering subsidized cell services. Understanding the need for comprehensive internal documentation to navigate complex governmental subsidy policies, the company sought assistance from Essential Data Corporation.

Operations Manual for Construction Creates Success

Crafting an operations manual is a crucial task, especially in industries like construction, where precise procedures are vital for safety and efficiency on job sites. These manuals serve as comprehensive guides, detailing equipment usage, safety protocols, and operational procedures. Recognizing this, a leading construction company specializing in multi-family residential homes partnered with Essential Data to develop a comprehensive manual.

User Guides and Maintenance Manuals for Optics Manufacturing

In the realm of optics manufacturing, innovation drives progress, and meticulous documentation is essential to ensure seamless operations. Essential Data Corporation partnered with a specialized company dedicated to advancing optic manufacturing technology, aiming to optimize their in-house-built machines through comprehensive user guides and maintenance manuals.

Proposal Documentation for Securing Contracts

In the competitive realm of commemorative coin production, securing ongoing business with significant entities like the U.S. Mint requires more than just quality products—it demands persuasive proposals. Essential Data Corporation (EDC) rose to meet this challenge, supporting a commemorative coin company in crafting a compelling proposal to the U.S. Mint.

Product Manuals for Medical Devices Enhance Accessibility

Streamlining complex technical jargon for broader comprehension is crucial, particularly in healthcare, where effective communication is vital. An employee-owned healthcare company contacted Essential Data for help addressing this challenge by creating user-friendly product manuals. These manuals aimed to enhance accessibility to critical information for healthcare professionals and patients using the company’s medical products and services globally.

Implementing Electric Car Chargers with Essential Data

Amidst the surge in electric vehicle (EV) popularity, a forward-thinking company aimed to revolutionize charging infrastructure accessibility. Recognizing the need to dismantle traditional barriers, they sought to provide affordable and abundant charging stations for EV drivers, saving them money. Essential Data stepped in to bridge the information gap surrounding the safe use and installation of modern lithium-ion batteries and high-speed charging facilities through tailored Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) documentation.

Technical Writing Streamlines Campus Cloud Integration

In higher education’s dynamic landscape, institutions strive for innovative solutions to optimize campus operations. Facing the challenge of managing campus card systems, a cloud-based provider crafted a comprehensive solution to modernize student experiences and alleviate administrative burdens. Turning to Essential Data, they sought assistance in developing detailed training documents for institutional technology departments, emphasizing a mobile-first approach across functionalities.

How Documentation Enhances New Vertical Farm Tech

Amid the agricultural industry’s technological shift, an indoor vertical farm producer contacted Essential Data to address crucial documentation needs. The goal of the collaboration was to create comprehensive manuals for standard operating procedures and maintenance, facilitating the seamless integration of innovative farming practices. By simplifying complex jargon, the collaboration aimed to empower the agricultural workforce and users to maximize the benefits of indoor vertical farming.

User Manuals Help Tire Manufacturing Company

In response to safety concerns and training challenges at a multinational tire manufacturing company, Essential Data Corporation was contracted to develop a comprehensive user manual for C hooks, a critical tool in the manufacturing process. Recognizing the complexity of the machinery and the potential risks involved, Essential Data’s team of technical writers meticulously researched and crafted a manual that provided clear, accessible instructions on the safe and effective use of C hooks.

Owner’s Manual Helps Showcase Quality Product

In the recreational boating industry, the importance of quality is indisputable. Recognizing the necessity for meticulous documentation to ensure seamless installation and long-term satisfaction for their esteemed clientele, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality boat seats sought the expertise of Essential Data. This pivotal collaboration marked the beginning of a robust partnership, with the development of an owner’s manual making big waves in the current toward success.

Manuals and FAQs Streamline Industrial Operations

In the fast-paced realm of industrial operations, the conveyor belt and equipment sector plays a pivotal role in material handling across diverse industries. At the forefront of this sector, our client offers comprehensive conveyance solutions, catering to the intricate needs of manufacturing, distribution, and logistics facilities globally. Now, embarking on a monumental partnership with the United States Postal Service, they recognize the indispensable role of meticulous documentation.

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