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what is process documentation?

What is Process Documentation?

What is process documentation? In short, process documentation is best defined as a step-by-step process that outlines the course of actions needed to complete a task from beginning to end. This can often refer to the “how” of your business.  What is included in process documentation? …
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How to create an instruction manual

How To Create An Instruction Manual

Have you ever dove deep into a new concept and felt frustrated because it seemed like you weren’t really learning the material? If you have, then you’ll remember the feeling of just how discouraging it can be. Well, if you haven’t heard it before, then let me be the first to tell you that instruction manuals come in handy for these types of situations.…
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Essential Data Corporation's and skills for a tech writer

The 10 Top Skills That Every Tech Writer Needs

If you’re reading this article then you likely find yourself reading for three reasons. Reason one, you are looking to hire a tech writer and want to know more about what skills they bring to the table. Reason two, you are looking to start a career as a technical writer, and you want to know a little more about the skills needed. …
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Home care procedures spell out the proper steps to give patients a healthier life.

How to Create Home Care Procedures Documentation

Home healthcare services strive to keep patients healthy while ensuring all home care procedures and practices are intact and impactful. Care providers are assigned tasks such as dressing and bathing, rehabilitative exercises, and nursing care for an illness, disease, or disability.…
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Why technical writing in software development is important?

Why is Technical Writing in Software Documentation Important?

The importance of technical writing in software development In a digital age with huge developments in technologies, it seems that there are also constant developments in new jobs. Creating new softwares is very complex, however its even harder to get untrained users to utilize the softwares at their full potential.…
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What to include in a hotel staff training manual?

The first thing that a guest does when they walk into a hotel is walk up to the employees who are working at the front desk. Usually, they are already exhausted from a full day of travel. From almost the very minute a guest steps into a hotel, they interact with an employee in person.…
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Auditing Documentation

What Is The Purpose of Audit Documentation

  Did you know that in recent years, business engagement teams have started to fumble the ball and cut corners on PCAOB standards regarding audit documentation? As the Johnson Global Accountancy says, “Audit Documentations Failures Have Become a Dangerously Low Hanging Fruit”.…
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A woman learning to create a quick reference guide.

How To Create Quick Reference Guides

What Is A Quick Reference Guide? Quick Reference guides are a form of document or manual that users can easily access for information to complete specific and complex tasks. Something important you should note as well is that quick reference guides are not typically wordy.…
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What is a Knowledge Transfer Plan?

What is a Knowledge Transfer Plan? According to Investopedia, 10,000 baby boomers retire from their careers every day. This means that there is a massive turnover of who is exiting the workforce. When a person has worked at a company for decades, they amass so much knowledge that information can become second nature to them.…
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Business Contingency Plans

The Necessity and Reliability of Business Contingency Plans

A good argument to be made, at any time, is that hubris warrants contingency. This is the story of Icarus, of Odysseus, of Achilles, and more recently, of the Great Recession of 2008 and of the global COVID-19 pandemic. For each scenario, there were plans, but a mix of overzealous attitudes and lack of risk assessment left the plans ignored, to the detriment of those involved.…
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two overlapping wrenches, representing the importance of service manuals in a variety of industries

Service Manual: The Must-Have for Maintenance and Repair

Service manuals are pamphlets made available by manufacturers. They cover service, maintenance, and repair of their goods. These guides help users to fix problems and breakages that may occur on the product. To sum up, there are many service manuals to assist people using particular products. …
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a stethoscope pressed to an arm, representing the importance of healthcare SOPs

Healthcare SOPs for COVID-19 

If you’ve visited a walk-in clinic or hospital emergency room lately, you’ve probably experienced very long wait times. Many urgent-care facilities are short-staffed and overrun with COVID-19 patients. Two-hour waits, and sometimes even over six, are the norm. No parking spaces, patient lines clogging the entrance and exit, and stuffy, overcrowded waiting rooms add to everyone’s frustration. …
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