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Our consultative, client-centric approach is to understand your unique project challenges so we may handpick the ideal technical writers and consultants for your project. Through this approach, we are able to provide the best technical writing and documentation services around. Nowhere else will you find professionals with our dedication to quality and communication.

At Essential Data, we take the phrase ‘client-centric’ to heart, and thus it is at the center of everything we do. What is best for you and your company is what matters most to us. At every step of the documentation process, we are committed to clarity and communication, aiming to make your job easy. Combining identified needs with industry knowledge and our network of technical writing professionals enables us to give you the best experience and service possible.

Our team will provide the highest quality technical writing services you will find anywhere, and we can ensure that our technical content is a cost-effective solution to fulfill your needs and objectives. Whether you need a single technical writer for a brief project or a team of consultants to produce a complete line of technical documentation, we have you covered!

Each of our clients work closely with one of our Engagement Managers from one of our 30 local offices for the entire length of a project at no additional cost, and the quality of our work is guaranteed for you. This is why many of our clients keep coming back whenever they have a new project requiring technical content. By making providing top-tier service our priority, we provide an unmatched and unforgettable experience.

Why Technical Writing, Documentation Services, and Hiring a Professional Technical Writer Are Important

Technical writing is a necessity for many different types of businesses like manufacturing companies, small and mid-sized engineering firms, technology companies, and even start-ups that do not need an in-house technical writer but do need the assistance of one for some projects. Regardless of your company size or industry, there are great benefits to investing in technical documentation.

This is especially true when a company needs important content like user guides, training manuals, and other similar technical writing document projects. These projects often require a writer to produce readable and concise copy at a cheaper cost and faster speed than an engineer or developer on their staff can provide. In some cases, companies will use someone from their marketing team to create this type of technical content. However, most of the time these employees are not qualified and the content is not the quality it needs to be. If you want the job done right, there’s no better person for the job than a professional technical writer.

Using employees like engineers and marketers to perform the duties of a technical writer also takes them away from doing the job duties that they specialize in, which is why hiring the right person to perform technical writing tasks is important. We specialize in technical writing at EDC and, through our extensive network of technical wiring professionals, we get the job done for you the right way, right away. Contact us today so we can help you with your technical content!

Our Commitment to You

At Essential Data, our commitment to you begins from step one. By connecting with one of our Engagement Managers, we are able to pinpoint your unique needs and provide a writer suited for the job.

In operating for over thirty years and having served hundreds of clients, we are more prepared than ever before to bring you the best possible technical writing and documentation services. Both our Engagement Managers and technical writers have experience in a wide range of industries and business goals, and are ready to turn your technical documentation dreams into a reality.

The field of technical writing and documentation services can be tricky, and finding the right information can be complicated. To help you understand the value our work can add to your business, we are constantly providing free information about what we do, why we do it, and how we ensure we do it with excellence. Visit our technical writing blogs to learn more. And, if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us for more help!

Technical Writing and Documentation Services Specialties

Across industries and business structures, there are a wide variety of technical documentation needs. At Essential Data, we are here to meet them all! Though technical documentation can be a confusing puzzle, our experts are here to lead you from the first step through the finish line. Together, we can take your business’s documentation to the next level.

At Essential Data, we specialize in a wide variety of technical writing and documentation services. Whether you are looking for Audit Documentation or Quick Reference Guides, we have you covered. Got a documentation need? Check out the list of our services below!


How EDC Can Help

Whether you need a single technical writer for a brief project, or a team of consultants to produce a complete line of documentation, the quality of our work is guaranteed for you. Our clients’ work closely with an Engagement Manager from one of our 30 local offices for the entire length of your project at no additional cost. Contact us at (800) 221-0093 or