Client Needs

A new e-learning start-up acquired significant initial funding and had its website all designed and developed out, but they still needed technical writers to create the content. The content they needed was extremely varied and covered such topics as outer space, blockchain programming, and the issues of starting up a health care company. Despite having massive start-up capital, hiring full-time technical writers would have been too costly. The charge of finding and interviewing qualified technical writers to cover the wide-ranging topics was also creating delays in the launch of the site. Recognizing these issues with the launch, the start-up contacted Essential Data Corporation.

E-Learning Start-Up – How EDC Made a Difference

EDC Solution

Essential Data Corporation was able to work with the content manager of the start-up by presenting them with a field of well-qualified technical writers. Even with all the various topics the start-up needed to cover, EDC was able to locate the appropriate technical writers much faster than if the start-up had searched with its HR group. The writers from EDC were also contracted writers, so the company only had to pay each writer per job, instead of hiring full-time writers, saving the organization money as well.

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With well-constructed content from EDC’s pool of technical writers, the e-learning start-up was able to launch its site on time and under budget. The start-up was so impressed that they continue to have a relationship with EDC, contacting EDC whenever they have new topics to cover, knowing that the new content will be accurate, on time, and under budget.  No matter how varied the content, EDC has the expertise to supply technical authors from all backgrounds, helping your organization from start-up through launch and beyond.

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