Whether the company is big or has precise needs for the project, all organizations enjoy greater success. They employ a top-notch technical writing service to handle their technical writing needs. Companies could issue the writing of an instruction manual or user’s guide to the same team that developed the product. However, this only heaps more work on an already occupied team, slowing down the timeline of a project.  When a documentation project calls for precise parameters, any size organization, be it a mom-and-pop operation or a Fortune 500 company, a professionally trained technical author will save time and resources, producing a higher quality of writing than if the company handled the task in-house.

Client Need

A major industry leader in the pharmaceutical industry was creating a new educational initiative and needed someone to author the project’s informational content. The company had defined all the topics to be covered and how they wanted to present them, but the was struggling to find a skilled writer in-house with a background in next-generation sequencing genetics to create the written web content. The Fortune 500 company, could have searched its enormous staff looking for an employee that would fit the bill, but this would have been a costly search. Instead of wasting time and money looking for a needle in a haystack, they called on Essential Data Corporation to assist with the search.

EDC Solution

Essential Data Corporation used its resources and connections in the technical writing field to come up with a pool of qualified candidates for the project. Not only was EDC able to find writers with a background in next generation sequencing, but they also found candidates who additionally had experience in creating engaging web content. With a pool of talented and knowledgeable tech writers with the proper experience, the company was able to move ahead on its new educational initiative, on time and under budget.

Benefits for the Client

While the project required a writer with a very specific set of talents and precise background, EDC was able to pool qualified talent for the company. With the content author already versed in the material of the educational initiative, the project was up and running quickly and finished on time. Neither the odd parameters of the project, nor the fact that the company was a massive multinational company, stopped Essential Data from satisfying the needs of the project. Regardless of the size of your company, or the requirements of your project, Essential Data Corporation is happy to help all companies with their technical writing needs.

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