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Client Needs

In response to the growing popularity of electric cars and the subsequent increase in demand for charging infrastructure, a forward-thinking company aimed to address the need for more affordable and easily accessible charging stations. Recognizing the challenges businesses and landowners face in installing such stations, the company sought to dismantle traditional barriers and provide a more convenient and abundant network of charging stations for electric vehicle (EV) drivers, ultimately saving them money. Understanding that the public is not well-informed about these relatively new phenomena, the company reached out to Essential Data to leverage technical writing expertise in technical writing to bridge the information gap surrounding the safe use and installation of modern lithium-ion batteries and high-speed charging facilities through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) documentation.

Electric car charging at a public station, made possible by the hard work of a Technical Writer developing Standard Operating Procedures

EDC Solution

Essential Data addressed the specific needs of the client, focused on the mass installation of electric vehicle chargers, by providing a tailored technical writing solution. Recognizing the importance of efficiently disseminating information and training new employees responsible for the installation and maintenance of these charging stations, Essential Data’s team of technical writers developed customized standard operating procedure documents. In creating these documents, the writers meticulously gathered regulations and information specific to charging stations, ensuring the provision of relevant and accurate guidance. This approach, consistent with Essential Data’s practice across various clients, aimed to mitigate safety hazards that could arise from inadequately trained staff. Essential Data empowered the client to navigate the challenges of implementing widespread charging infrastructure with precision, fostering operational efficiency and safety within the electric vehicle charging network by delivering comprehensive standard operating procedures.

Worker Setting up a charging station guided by Standard Operating Procedure documents provided by a Technical Writer


The client expressed immense satisfaction with Essential Data’s technical writing team, highlighting the provision of a tailored solution that precisely met their needs. Essential Data’s work played a pivotal role in enabling the client to successfully reach their objective of deploying additional charging stations. As a result, electric vehicle drivers now have increased access to convenient and affordable charging options. Importantly, the meticulous technical writing ensured that the expansion of charging infrastructure did not compromise the safety of employees and consumers around these stations. The success achieved in implementing this project underscores the crucial contribution of a proficient technical writing team, demonstrating how their expertise was instrumental in making the client’s vision a reality.

Light Trails of Cars at Night, Representing how Technical Writers work hard to keep the complex modern world we live in moving forward through Standard Operating Procedures