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Client Needs

A prominent leader in the hydraulic equipment supplier industry found that sales of their stellar products suffered due to a lack of professional documentation. The heavy-duty hydraulic machinery could only speak for itself once in the hands of a client, and a lack of comprehensive product documentation meant that many potential sales fell through due to customers needing to understand how they might be able to utilize the product most effectively. Ready for a change and recognizing that technical documentation would open the door to success, the company reached out to Essential Data for help.

Two People Looking at a Laptop Trying to Close a Sale, Representing the Importance of Technical Writers in Providing Product Manuals for Sales

EDC Solution

Essential Data worked closely with the hydraulic equipment supplier to understand their documentation needs. They then identified a talented technical writer with an understanding of heavy-duty machinery to develop product manuals for the client. After receiving extensive information on the product’s operation, capabilities, and function, the writer worked to identify a balance of technical jargon and business language that would be useful and compelling to potential clients. After receiving feedback from the client, Essential Data’s technical writer developed a clear and comprehensive product manual for the heavy-duty hydraulic equipment that could be used to secure sales, with a secondary version focused on the product’s industrial operation.

a Person Writing in a Notebook While Looking at a Computer, Representing how Technical Writers Craft Product Manuals that are Both Clear and Comprehensive


Essential Data’s technical writer brought significant benefits to the hydraulic equipment supplier by delivering professional documentation that addressed their critical need for comprehensive product manuals. By balancing technical detail and client comprehension, the manuals served as compelling sales tools, empowering the client to secure sales and unlock new opportunities for success in the hydraulic equipment market. The industrial-focused product manual was reported to be equally successful, improving customer satisfaction while streamlining equipment operation.

A Worker Using a Hydraulic Pulley System to Lift a Machine, Representing the Benefits of Product Manual Documentation