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Client Needs

A premier software company launched a new piece of software and to ensure that the software was installed and functioned properly, the company had teams of four technical experts personally travel to each customer site. While having an in-person expert team to answer any customer questions made certain that all issues would be resolved, this team was costing the company $20,000 to $30,000 a trip. This model reached a point where the cost of transporting training teams cut significantly into the profits that the new software was generating. The company knew things had to change and contacted Essential Data Corporation for help.

EDC Solution

Essential Data Corporation was able to supply a team of expert technical writers already well-versed in the type of software the company was launching. The writers created different types of technical writing documents, such as installation guides and training materials so clients could operate the software properly without a live team present. The technical writers also created a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document, so that should any known issues arise with the software, the client can resolve the issues without needing to contact the company’s technical service department. With these new technical documents, the need to send live teams ceased.


No longer needing to spend massive amounts of money on sending live trainers to each customer site, the software company took off. With easy-to-understand installation guides and user manuals, customers were able to adopt the software quickly, leading to greater customer satisfaction and increased sales of the software. From installation manuals to software guides, Essential Data Corporation is proud to help all types of clients with their technical writing and communication needs.