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Client Needs

A major financial services company was updating its training program. Due to the large size and international reach of the company, undertaking this project was going to be a significant burden, as it would require a lot of time and resources to update the training program. The company was initially planning to update the training program in-house, however, the reference documentation was far behind schedule. When the new training was implemented, employees became confused as the reference material did not match what was being taught during training. These issues created low worker morale and slowed day-to-day operations. The company knew it needed to find a technical writing and communication service for help.

EDC Solution

This financial services company contacted Essential Data Corporation to assist with updating its reference material for the new training program. EDC was able to provide experienced technical writers who consulted with the company and presented different types of technical writing documents, such as user guides, instruction manuals, and other training materials. Essential Data’s writers, well-versed in the company’s software and experienced at creating training materials, were able to create comprehensive reference materials that were up-to-date with the training program. Their contribution got the new training project back on schedule and helped future training sessions go off without a hitch.

Technical training materials


With the new reference documentation, employees had a much easier time learning from the new training program. Employee morale increased and operations were not only back up to speed, but they were also improving by leaps and bounds. This spurred company growth and helped create greater customer satisfaction. No matter the size of a company, updating training materials is a big job, and Essential Data Corporation is here to help.