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Client Needs

Autonomous systems are experiencing a significant surge, driving up the need for well-structured and comprehensive technical documentation. Recently, an American defense company renowned for its expertise in autonomous systems faced a critical need for a documentation overhaul concerning its manufacturing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This overhaul was not only necessary to ensure compliance with industry standards for future process audits but also demanded the training of employees on the updated procedures. Given the sheer magnitude of this endeavor and the strain it would impose on internal resources, the company wisely sought assistance from Essential Data, recognizing the expertise and efficiency they could provide in executing such a substantial task.

an American Defense Manufacturer in a Factory, Pointing at a Machine, Representing the Importance of SOPs for Compliance

EDC Solution

After being contacted by the American defense company, Essential Data set to work on compiling a team of technical writers and trainers who had a manufacturing background and could provide the specialized services this project required. Essential Data’s technical writer worked alongside key stakeholders within the client’s organization to understand the new procedures. Leveraging their specialized communication skillset, the writer developed standard operating procedures and work checklists that were comprehensive yet concise and could be efficiently utilized by employees daily. The SOPs included precise information on compliance with industry standards, streamlining future process audits. With the documentation developed, Essential Data’s expert trainer stepped in to facilitate the smooth adoption of the new procedures and checklists, using the training to solicit employee feedback on the documentation. After training reached completion, minor adjustments were made to the SOPs and checklists to incorporate employee feedback, a testament to the diligence of Essential Data’s team in crafting stellar documentation.

a Technical Writer Speaking with a Client, Representing the Importance of SOPs for Compliance


By partnering with Essential Data, the American defense company specializing in autonomous systems experienced many benefits from their expertise and efficiency. Through the meticulous work of their technical writers and trainers, Essential Data ensured that the manufacturing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were not only comprehensive but also easily understandable and actionable for employees. This streamlined approach to documentation facilitated compliance with industry standards for future process audits and expedited the training process, enabling swift adoption of the updated procedures. The integrated training sessions led by Essential Data’s expert trainer ensured that employees were proficient in utilizing the new SOPs and checklists and provided a platform for soliciting valuable feedback for further refinement. The responsiveness of Essential Data’s team to employee feedback underscored their commitment to excellence and the seamless integration of their services within the client’s organization, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring compliance with confidence.

a Trainer Teaching Employees on new SOPs for Compliance in Manufacturing