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Are you or your company in need of technical writing or documentation services? If yes, we are here to tailor your needs to meet your standards. In fact, no matter how general or niche your documentation needs, Essential Data has technical writers on staff to fulfill your company’s needs.

Essential Data’s tech writers are skilled and experienced in  an array of industries, both within the public and private sector. Besides, our highly capable team of technical writers is equipped to tackle a  vast range of projects. From proposal writing to procedural documentation and beyond, we provide the highest quality of technical writing services.

Meet Essential Data’s Writing Teams

Among Essential Data’s dynamic staff of award-winning tech writers are specialists and experts in different fields.   In addition, our staff of technical writers includes the following specialists:

Senior Level Technical Writer

Technical Writer

Mid-Level Technical Writer

Junior Technical Writer

Proposal Manager

Proposal Writer

Technical Editor


EDC’s Senior Level Technical Writers boast over 20 years of experience in their field, and focus on fine-tuning and editing technical and business writing and documentation.

As a result, these expert technical writers have an eagle eye for industry terminology and a skill for using consistent and clear language to readers both in and outside the technical writing industry. In addition, our staff’s Senior Tech Writers have worked in nearly every niche imaginable within the technical writing industry and have the expertise to back it up.

Similarly, Essential Data has highly skilled Junior Tech Writers ready and equipped to help your company succeed. These young professionals have as much as three years of experience within the industry and are eager to refine their skills and grow.

Our Junior Tech Writers are technically savvy and fluent in various publishing formats and applications such as FrameMaker or Madcap Flare.

Click here for more information on each of our technical writing teams.

Our Diverse Staff Creates our ‘Client-Centric’ Company Culture

Essential Data’s writing staff is diverse in skill as well as location. We collaborate with 30 local offices across the country through our efficiency and enthusiasm.

Our culture at Essential Data focuses on client-centric, meaning our clients are always first and our highest priority. As a team, we utilize the skill of remote tech writers.

Wherever your company is located, we appoint a local engagement manager from one of our offices who understands each client’s requirements.

Hire from our Skilled Team Today!

By utilizing the skill and knowledge from remote tech writers across the country, our mission is to provide you the highest quality technical writing and documentation services. Our remote tech writers unite their passion with skills to provide solutions.

At Essential Data, our work is both quality and guaranteed. Please contact us  today to get your project started, (800) 221-0093 or sales@edc.us.

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