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Medical and Scientific Writing Documentation

A person typing on a computer beside a stethoscope, representing the medical and scientific writing and documentation done by technical writers

Medical and Scientific Writing is one of the most challenging types of technical writing. Even at a surface level, technical writing in the field of medicine is a daunting task. Nearly every medical specialty requires up to eight years of higher education, indicating a high level of specialized knowledge. Communicating eight years of subject matter to those uninvolved in the medical and scientific fields in a concise manner is a tall order, thus it makes sense to utilize a technical writer or technical writing team in order to create this medical and scientific writing documentation.

What is Medical and Scientific Writing?

Medical and Scientific Writing is a very broad umbrella, encompassing everything from technical documentation about a medical or scientific product to health and safety protocols at a business. Since most people do not have formal education in medicine or science, it is necessary to explain these types of products in an accessible fashion. A technical writing professional will have extensive experience in this task, creating effective documentation for your company.

Here are three doctors working together, this represents Medical and Scientific Writing documentation for doctors and patients.

Medical and scientific writing is also used heavily in marketing divisions. Many of these technologies are marketed directly to other technological companies. In these scenarios, the role of a technical medical writer is more subtle; instead of communicating concepts in the simplest way possible, the technical writer aims to eloquently and persuasively present the information most relevant to the intended audience.

Benefits of this Writing

In order to sell medical or scientific products to customers without technical knowledge, these products must be described in a way that makes sense to people outside the medical and scientific industries. Additionally, when creating health and safety protocols, clarity is of the utmost importance. Thus, it is essential to employ a technical writing team; they have been trained in developing clear and accessible documentation. Some additional benefits of medical and scientific writing are that it…

  • Helps market technical solutions to non-technical people, also boosting brand visibility
  • Conveys relevant information without losing out on detail, decreasing miscommunication and frustration
  • Documents products for use by other companies and organizations
  • Creates health and safety protocols at a workplace, thus reducing liability and putting employees at ease

Essential Data Corporation

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Written by Jeffrey Pinsker-Smith