Operations and Maintenance Procedures

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is essential for a successful business

Businesses have two primary goals when it comes to reaching their target audience: making sales, and ensuring that customers are satisfied with their purchase. When a customer purchases a new product, their first step is to learn how to use it. Giving your customer the tools to smoothly and successfully operate your product is essential to creating customer satisfaction and growing your customer base. However, sometimes issues with your product will arise over time, leaving the customer confused and searching for answers. Instead of directing customers to your technical support department for every issue, you can include an operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures manual with your product. When written by a technical writer, this manual can help customers find solutions to their issues and improve the customer experience, as well as reducing the strain on your technical support department.

What are Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Procedures?

Operations and maintenance procedures are instructions for proper usage and upkeep of a product. Operations procedures help customers understand how to properly use and interact with a product in order to achieve optimal functioning and value from the product. Maintenance procedures, on the other hand, are preventative procedures that instruct customers on product maintenance and upkeep, as well as address possible issues that might arise with product use over time. Operations and maintenance procedures documentation are a type of technical documentation that lays out both of these procedures in one comprehensive, though concise, document.

Benefits of O&M Procedures

Operations and maintenance procedures documentation helps your customer use and maintain your product, and address any problems they may encounter with the product. However, operations and maintenance procedures documentation has many additional benefits, such as…

  • Shows that your company values their customers and customer satisfaction, boosting brand image
  • Reduces customer frustration, building a better reputation for your company and products
  • Clarity in instructions for use and maintenance improves customer experience, improving customer satisfaction
  • Creates an informational record for employees working on product development or advertising
  • Eases demand on your technical support department, saving the company valuable resources

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Written by Gwen Nicastro