Policies and procedures are the foundation of every business. Strengthening that foundation can be achieved by properly documenting your policies and procedures. Utilizing technical writers is key to attaining technically proficient and well-constructed technical documentation for your business.


Policies set the stage for organized, efficient, and accurate work. Their primary function is to set the standards for employee work and behavior at your company; getting this technical documentation done right is absolutely essential. By clearly outlining the responsibilities and rules of conduct of each position at your company, you minimize employee confusion and executive frustration.


If we think of policies as the rules of conduct of a position, procedures are the how-to guide to achieving those standards. Outlining the steps to reaching the expectations of a position is hugely beneficial to the employees in those positions, and you will see a significant return on your investment in this technical documentation in employee organization, efficiency, and results.


We now understand policies to be the outlined standards of positions and procedures to be the outlined methods to achieving those benchmarks, but what about business processes? Process documentation can be seen as a comprehensive to-do list for the stakeholders of a company, outlining company goals and delegating relevant tasks to each participant.

Benefits of Technical Documentation for Policies, Procedures, and Processes

All businesses inherently have policies, procedures, and processes, but properly documenting these by working with a technical writer has numerous benefits, such as…

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Written by Brooke Dodrill