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As the COVID-19 virus continues to disrupt lives around the world, it has single-handedly demonstrated the importance of technical writers and standard operating procedures (SOPs) amid an emergency. In recent news, India’s rapid rise in COVID cases has dismantled their healthcare system to the point where they are asking for medical assistance due to the lack of antiviral drugs and oxygen. While many countries around the world have sent aid. Due to a lack of SOPs and distribution protocols, the emergency relief remained in a warehouse for seven days in which during that time more than 23,000 Indians died.

In every industry there are SOPs. It’s how a company or an organization functions. Employees and departments within a company require SOPs so they know and understand how to perform daily tasks. But what happens when there is an emergency your organization has never faced? What is the point of reference? In the case of India where there were no SOPs, to begin with, how do you develop a new set of procedures? With the help and guidance of technical writers, organizations can minimize the delays that took place in India.

International Technical Communication

Technical writers can handle both SOPs for traditional business settings as well as documentation that meets the requirements on a global scale. Some of the logistical discrepancies in India were due to updating the different specifications of the foreign aid.  Which it slowed down the distribution process. By hiring technical writers, they will understand all the intricate details when creating documentation for an international audience. Such as knowing the appropriate units of measurement, geographical names variant spelling, racial and ethnic groups names, time, etc. As a result of technical communicators, developing products and services can easily become standards for a specific language  or culture. Although, the need to identify who and where the aid is. this will reduce time. After technical writers provide the necessary information on an emergency, they can custom design several SOPs guiding daily operations. These SOPs will comply with various levels of government and other tasks.

Distribution Management Plan and Standard Operating Procedures

Properly documenting foreign aid, shows a need to be a course of action. This includes, effectively and efficiently distributes supplies from suppliers to health care facilities or a centralized location. In addition the demand for medical supplies is higher during an emergency. Therefore, technical writers and standard operating procedures can create and develop a distribution management plan that (a) details appropriate distribution methods, whether recipients will receive resources directly or at a specific location, (b) implement inventory systems that keep track and maintain the amount of emergency aid and equipment being used and (c) explain the transportation rules and regulations on how foreign aid be distributed such as by airways, roadways. Technical writers can develop an extensive distribution management plan that minimizes any discrepancies that may prevent relief from reaching into the citizens who are in need.


Since standard operating procedures are a part of every business transaction, it is imperative to have the right people, like technical writers who can develop useful documentation in a time of crisis. Whether you are a business organization or a country providing foreign aid, it is impossible to plan for every emergency. However, the solution lies in how well you assess the current problem when it arises, so you can respond accordingly. Technical writers can plan and implement SOPs that are usable on an international level making it easier to get a handle on an emergency in any country. As the world continues to fight the threat of the COVID-19 virus, the logistical challenges in India should be a cautionary tale for all countries that are providing foreign aid for the next global health crisis.

How can EDC help?

No matter your business needs, at EDC there are trained technical writers experienced in creating standard operating procedures. Including management plans for both traditional business operations and the government sector. In the workplace, we automate and streamline workflow and job production. So therefore, employees can perform routine tasks without errors. Within the government, we can change the way international countries accept and handle foreign relief assistance. By creating and communicating thorough distribution management plans that comply with all foreign government levels. In comparison, effectively maintain, and transport critical emergency supplies and address all distribution requirements. At EDC we will establish functional strategies so citizens in need can receive foreign aid directly and immediately.

Whether you need a team of consultants to produce a complete line of documentation or a single technical writer for a brief project, Essential Data’s Engagement Manager will lead the project from start to finish. Essential Data Corporation guarantees the quality of our work. Contact us today to get started. (800) 221-0093 or sales@edc.us

Written by Kimberly Jones