A group of people taking notes at a table representing the value of technical writing in knowledge management systems

The advancement of technology changing business regulations have made technical and business writing practices evolve. These writing practices have particularly evolved in the area of knowledge management. Technical writing standards in knowledge management systems loose their distinguishing attributes. Therefore, a new business schema for knowledge management is becoming a necessity. A technical writer can consider the style and content creation. EDC’s technical writers can generate this new style of knowledge management system for companies.

What are Knowledge Management Systems?

Knowledge management systems work by categorizing, capturing, using, and analyzing relevant business information to streamline decision-making. At its core, this is known as knowledge transfer and its benefits allow for a business to easily share its information, such as training and business data between departments. Easy to access business knowledge can enable more productive and cost-efficient work. However, business strategies and technology constantly evolve, so a new generation of knowledge management systems is needed.

Why Do You Need Technical Writers? 

As machine learning AI advances, as well as the adoption of new privacy regulations such as GDPR, knowledge management systems will also be impacted. The primary drawback of these changes is that the technical and business writing involved loses its distinguishing attributes. The changes will leave the simple categorization common in technical writing no longer suitable for knowledge transfer. While machine learning AI allows for software to process and understand data faster, it also has drawbacks. The AI relies entirely on making sure the knowledge transfer is working properly. 

However, you end up with no results because of the limitation of knowledge management in enterprise software applications. The use of current knowledge management systems in these situations shows how categorization of a prescribed structured order limits a flexible search for information by the user. Given the addition of machine learning AI into knowledge management, technical writers can help with maintaining efficient knowledge transfer for a company through offering distinguishable writing and categorization that is clear and concise for any potential user. 

What Can Technical Writers Do?

Along with the previous experience of knowledge transfer, EDC’s technical writers can accommodate any changes to knowledge management systems impacted by machine learning or regulations. The solution is to implement a business schema to help with optimizing search results. The Pyramid Principle portray business writing in the form of a schema for knowledge transfer and management. The Pyramid Principle allows for structured communication and emphasizes the importance of logic and thinking to do so. To go further in-depth, three orders exist within the Pyramid Principle:

  1. Time Order which determines the cause and effect (common in process writing)
  2. Structured Order which divides a whole into its parts (common in technical writing) 
  3.  Ranking Order which classifies similar things (common in machine learning)

These three orders offer a way for technical writers to create knowledge transfer documentation that logically groups ideas in a way that communicates their use for a situation. By implementing these three orders, EDC’s technical writers can customize search results by categorizing them in more specific ways, based on the Pyramid Principle. Google embeds search results into knowledge management systems. Furthermore, machine learning offer contextual recommendation help to assist with knowledge transfer. To accomplish this, however, technical writers with multiple disciplines will be necessary to supercharge the next generation of knowledge management systems.


In conclusion, the use of knowledge management systems in a company is incredibly beneficial in streamlining work. Proper knowledge sharing through optimal technical documentation by a technical writer is the best way to go about this. The different areas of expertise for a technical writer are what makes them best suited to account for any business’s need when it comes to establishing or updating a knowledge management system. 

How Can EDC Help?

We have a team of consultants ready to produce a complete line of documentation. Perhaps you may only need a single technical writer for a brief project. Either way Essential Data’s Engagement Manager will lead the project from start to finish. At Essential Data Corporation, we guarantee the quality of our work. Contact us today to get started. (800) 221-0093 or sales@edc.us

Written by Stanley Chu