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A woman writing notes onto a notepad at a desk in front of a laptop, a visual aid to assist in the explanation of cloud computing.

The use of cloud technology has quickly become an essential part of how most businesses operate. The benefits of cloud computing are numerous, from allowing businesses instantaneous access to data to reducing costs for IT. This convenience allows for faster performance at a lower cost.

With time and money being a precious commodity for any industry, the advantages of cloud computing make it the number one choice for data storage or any other service offered by the technology. However, the complexities and novelty of cloud computing mean that there are two distinct disadvantages: training and security. In addition to any cybersecurity needs, EDC’s technical writers can provide any training for cloud computing.

Before going further, however, we should explain what precisely cloud computing is.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a computing system found on the internet that stores data. This system can be used to deliver resources such as data, software, computing power, and applications to users on demand over the internet. Service providers allow users and consumers to pay to access resources using cloud computing.

In addition, because cloud computing allows these resources to be accessed over the internet, users such as businesses can draw upon and make use of them from anywhere. Cloud computing also does not require someone to continuously watch and manage them in person, as a result of such a system’s digital nature.

Now that we have explained cloud computing, we will go on to discuss why organizations should make use of technical writers for AWS cloud computing training.

Why Choose Technical Writers for AWS Cloud Computing Training?

One of the most popular cloud computing services is Amazon Web Services (AWS). The services offered by AWS range from storage, computing, networking, development tools, AI learning, and much more. These services are comprehensive, allowing businesses to operate efficiently and take full advantage of cloud computing. But at the same time, proper certification can help ensure the best use of AWS’s cloud technology. EDC’s technical writers can provide AWS training material that can get your employees, or any prospective employees, properly certified for AWS. AWS training materials provide employees with the necessary skills to operate cloud technology. 

The main reason to go with technical writers to provide training materials for AWS certification is that they can provide the training in concise and clear language, while also outlining how it can be, and how it is, implemented into your business strategy. Technical writers are experts when it comes to making information clearer and easier to understand.

This is vital when writing materials for new employees about complex subjects such as cloud computing. In addition, technical writers often have a great deal of knowledge regarding the subjects they write about, which helps to ensure any training materials they create are accurate and informative.

The benefits of cloud computing are broad. While it is effective, this means that it is not necessarily clear how it can be best implemented for a certain industry. Specifically, the fact that cloud computing provides such a range of benefits in general means that determining what specific benefits it could offer a company in a particular industry – and therefore, how to make use of it to most effectively gain those benefits – can be difficult.

Also, a previous employee might be certified, but some might not be, and new hires might not know what they need. Therefore, technical writers are necessary to provide the materials both old and new employees need to get certified, or at least get the training needed to make use of AWS.

What Can Technical Writers Teach You About AWS?

So, the best way to make sure that your employees are knowledgeable about what they need is with AWS training. Also, ensure that they know how to operate it. AWS training material targets your company. As previously said, the applications of AWS are broad, and this would mean that there are different certification exams for each feature of AWS. This is seen with the different certification exams available: 

  • Certified Cloud Practitioner, which demonstrates an overall level of AWS expertise, and those looking for a higher level of certification
  • Certified Developer, which demonstrates 1+ years of experience with developing AWS apps
  • Certified SysOps, which demonstrates experience in deploying, managing, and operating AWS
  • Certified Big Data, a specialty certification that demonstrates knowledge of dealing with big data analyses in AWS

These certifications listed are just a small fraction of available exams. In addition, there are levels of expertise, such as associate or professional certifications. The cost for certification can range from $150-$300. A large amount of certification exams is daunting at first, and may even seem unnecessary.

However, this depends on what an employee’s responsibilities are. Because of this, hiring EDC’s technical writers to craft AWS training materials can help narrow down what skills employees need to be certified about what they need to do. This way your employees can get certified with AWS and know how to operate it to your specifications. 


With the demand for cloud computing increasing, providing AWS training material for certification is a great way to get your company up to speed with the most popular cloud service. EDC’s technical writers have the expertise necessary to analyze how a business can operate the most effectively, while also providing the documentation needed to train employees to follow.

Hiring EDC’s technical writers to provide AWS training material would give your company concise and well-written documentation tailored to your business. As well as this, having your employees undergo certification would boost their confidence in using cloud computing, as well as ensure that they know it well enough to make use of it for your business. So, whether you are already using AWS or a startup looking into cloud technology, EDC can produce for your company the best AWS training material that is necessary. 

How EDC Can Help You?

Whether you need a team of consultants to produce a complete line of documentation or a single technical writer for a brief project, Essential Data’s Engagement Manager will lead the project from start to finish. At Essential Data Corporation, the quality of our work is guaranteed. Contact us today to get started. (800) 221-0093 or [email protected]

Written by Stanley Chu