User Guides

User guides, also often referred to as user manuals, are pieces of documentation that help end users be more successful when using your product. For maximum effectiveness, they should be written with the consumer in mind, use accessible terminology, and have clear diagrams.

Types of User Guides

Today, user guides are everywhere— almost any product will provide you with one— but their specific type and function may differ. Some common types of user manuals are quick start guides, assembly instructions, and instruction manuals.

Effective user guides, regardless of type, are developed through technical writing and give consumers a fundamental understanding of your product and how to operate it.

Some elements of effective user manuals are appropriate, accessible language, clear visuals and diagrams, clearly outlined steps, and easy-to-navigate content. Technical writing is essential to achieving the balance between simple, understandable content and providing the user with enough information to use your product successfully.

Benefits of User Guides

Well-written user guides provide a significant advantage to how consumers view your product and company. Some benefits of technically proficient user guides are…

  • Organized and accessible user guides lead to successful and satisfied customers
  • Provides developers and consumers with a set of instructions for any future troubleshooting
  • Reduces strain and spending on technical support
  • Facilitates an enjoyable customer experience with your product and company, leading to return customers

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Written by Brooke Dodrill