What does “Documentation Services” refer to?

In order to read something, it is necessary that it be translated into a language that the reader knows and understands. However, in many cases, this is not possible due to the fact that analysts estimate that 80 percent of business content is unstructured or unmanaged, and of that, nearly half is paper. In a similar way, there is documented content that was created in a way that is not easily readable.  Therefore, documentation services refers to reproducing material such as documentation lists, reprographic services, translation services, Union catalogues, and reference services so that readers can more easily understand the material.

What is the purpose of Documentation Services?

Documentation services are all about making information accessible to readers. Whether that is simply by making recorded material more easily available to a larger audience by producing it electronically, or optimizing the way that an electronic reproduction is made. Therefore, for documentation services, reproduction is the name of the game.

So, now that we know the role of documentation services, we can look into what type of documents require adaptations in readability.

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What kinds of documents require documentation services?

Although documentation services in general refers to documenting any recordable document, there are technical documents which more often require documentation services.  So, common types of technical documents include:

  1. Product Manuals

  2. Repair Manuals

  3. User Guides

  4. API Documentation

  5. SDK Documentation

  6. Project Plans

  7. Business Standards

  8. TEst Schedules

  9. Market Requirements Documentation

  10. White Papers

  11. Case Studies

  12. RFPs & Proposals

These documents are then turned into on-demand forms such as:

  1. Microfilm

  2. Microcard

  3. Microfiche

  4. Microprints

  5. Translation Services

  6. Ad Hoc bibliographies

  7. Union Catalog Services

  8. Reference Services

Now that we have a better understanding of the start and end of documentation services, we can start to question who exactly is responsible for turning the technical documents into the new reader friendly formats?


The Importance of Legal Documentation Services:

Law firms have hundreds of thousands of files to manage including forms, letters, emails, pleadings, discovery materials, etc.  Therefore, individual law firms have their own document management systems that control how documents are retrieved, organized, and made safe.  In a legal setting, these documentation services are extremely important because they ensure not only that those authorized to access the material can more quickly look through all the important documents, but they also protect the documents from being accessed by anyone who is not authorized to do so.

Documentation Services can help scan all documents under the same topic so that lawyers save time and are less likely to make mistakes when helping their clients. Also, the documentation services often utilize a cloud system of storing data which enables records to be stored with much less storage space, saving law firms, which have heaps of documentation, significant sums of money.  Consequently, the documentation services that a legal firm would likely utilize include:

  1. Centralized repository

  2. Imaging and image conversion tools

  3. OCR and OWR

  4. Manual and auto-coding

  5. Database creation and indexing

Who ensures accessibility to documentation services?

External parties actually exist in order to optimize document infrastructure and organization in printed and electronic documents.  Managed document services are the type of services provided by external parties. Sometimes, managed print services refer exclusively to the organization and workflow of printed documents in their utilization.  However, management document services is an all encompassing term relating to both print and electronic documents. Originally, external companies often focused more heavily on managing the print documents in a more user-friendly manner, however, as more documentation is online, these companies have shifted their focus into optimizing files that already exist electronically.


What are examples of these external organizations?

You may be wondering if there are other avenues of seeking help for documentation services. However, as of 2022, the best documentation services tools are:

  1. Whatfix

  2. Bit.ai

  3. ProProfs

  4. Dropbox Paper

  5. Tettra

  6. Tallyfy

  7. Scribe

  8. GitHub

  9. Apiary

  10. Read the Docs

  11. Markdown Pad

  12. Typorta

  13. Doxygen

These tools help remove a lot of the mystery that surrounds utilizing new software programs. Although software developers may not require this knowledge, people who need a more user-friendly manual constantly utilize this kind of software.  Therefore, these tools help to bridge that gap.


What are API Documentation Services?

Application Program Interface documentation refers to documentation services which make API software easily understandable to those who implement the technology.  As two separate software applications communicate with one another, the API documentation provides instructions on how to utilize this ability effectively. The documentation also informs readers of the lifecycle of the API and details what external parties may need to do with the information they have once it is published.  Thus, the API documentation takes a complicated system of synergistic software communication and makes it readable and usable. After completion, it is then easy to perform Swagger API testing and start Swagger Editor.

Since API programs bridge multiple forms of software, it is imperative that documentation services make the software combination understandable to the average user.  Thus, the top API documentation tools include:

  1. ReDoc.Ly

  2. SwaggerHUB

  3. Stoplight

  4. ReadMe

  5. Postman

  6. LucyBot DocGen

  7. DapperDox

  8. WidderShins

  9. OpenAPI Viewer

  10. RapidDoc


At a basic level, documentation services may be easy to understand; they simply make records more readable.  However, one can more easily understand the value in documentation services upon the introduction of synergistic software systems, such as API, and documentations services are broken down into the organizations that they serve. Thus, it is important that as technology rapidly advances, and electronic softwares is responsible for controlling records, that documents continue to be readable by human audiences.

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Written by Samantha Galvin