What is in an Operation and Maintenance Manual?

What is in an Operation and Maintenance Manual? An Operations and Maintenance manual is a comprehensive document that details information about an industrial plant and individual pieces of maintenance equipment. An O&M manual also discusses proper upkeep procedures in order to ensure that property and equipment do not get damaged over time.…
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A security procedure protects software on every digital platform.

What To Know About A Security Procedure

Security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures all correctly implement an outline for safety operations within any business.  Additionally, a security procedure can implement, enable, or enforce security controls from your organization’s policies. These security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures are followed in every safety protocol.…
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a group of people at a table, learning about the importance of employee training manuals

Employee Training Manuals & Their Benefits

You will likely read an employee training manual when you get hired for a job and start the training process. Its quality is up to the company you work for, or if you are an employer, how you write it.    What Makes a Good Employee Training Manual?…
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Technical writer sitting at a desk

The Benefits of Hiring a Technical Writer

What is Technical Writing? Technical writing is a form of communicating that takes technology-focused information and makes it more easily digestible for readers who may not have as much background in complex technological processes. A technical writer likely has had a specialized education in engineering, computer science, or information technology, and therefore understands how to take complex processes and break them down for ease of understanding.…
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a computer on a desk, representing the importance of documentation services

What are Documentation Services?

What does “Documentation Services” refer to? In order to read something, it is necessary that it be translated into a language that the reader knows and understands. However, in many cases, this is not possible due to the fact that analysts estimate that 80 percent of business content is unstructured or unmanaged, and of that, nearly half is paper. …
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Computer applications software

What is Effective Software Documentation?

Effective software documentation is the best way to get computer applications working quickly without any issues. Simply put, software documentation is information that helps describe the product to the people who use online manuals and help capabilities discussed in design documentation or session notes. …
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a person reading a restaurant operations manual in a restaurant

Writing A Restaurant Operations Manual

An essential tool for any restaurant owner looking to develop a successful business revolves around the crafting of a restaurant operations manual. The instructed process a manual provides helps exceed and maintain operating procedures. A restaurant manual includes procedures that you and your staff should follow to keep your restaurant running efficiently.…
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a person working at a front desk, representing the importance of customer service training manuals

Customer Service Training Manuals

Why Customer Service Training Manuals are Essential Customers are more likely to return if they receive excellent customer service. For this reason, every company needs this critical skill set and documentation to scale its business to the next level. As a matter of fact, outstanding customer service is necessary for customers to return to a business.…
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someone searching for a business requirements document

Need A Business Requirements Document?

What is a Business Requirement Document, and Does Your Business Project Need One?  In essence, YES! Avoiding wasting valuable business resources should be a priority during all projects, regardless of your project type or industry. In short, a business requirement document is a way of showing the goals of the business, and should outline three key factors.…
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a person working on financial audit documentation

How To Assemble Audit Documentation 

Audits, and thus audit documentation, are a normal part of business and life. They happen all day and every day around you, whether you realize it or not. There are many types of audits covering topics such as financial audits, regulatory compliance audits, internal audits, and so much more.…
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a person working on an operations and maintenance manual

Why You Need An Operations and Maintenance Manual

Why You Need An Operations and Maintenance Manual When running a business’s day-to-day operations, there’s something called an “Operations and Maintenance Manual” (O&M Manual) that all employees must follow to make sure that the daily operations run smoothly. For businesses in every industry, Operations and Maintenance Manuals are critical to maintaining smooth daily operations and bringing your customers the quality of product or service they deserve.…
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