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Proposals: A Technical Writing Way of Persuasion

a man sitting at a desk presenting a project, representing the importance of proposals in business

In business, the power of persuasion is a vital tool in a company’s arsenal. Persuasion, by definition, is to appeal to and advise a person to believe and pursue something. The ability to persuade others often means the difference between your company securing a contract or a competitor. Even for small teams within companies, persuasion can lead to the implementation of new ideas and, subsequently, increase recognition from upper management. A business proposal is an essential piece of technical documentation that also functions as a tool for persuasion. Though there are many different types of business proposals, they are all similar in their goal – to sway the audience to act in accordance with the company’s intentions.

What is a Proposal?

A proposal is a piece of technical writing that is used to convince a party to accept the company’s plan for action. They outline a company’s goals, as well as desired methods for achieving those goals, in a persuasive tone and format. 

Well-written business proposals, crafted by highly skilled technical writers, often include the following sections:

  • Title Page – Creative and professional title that allows the party to know the overall theme of the business proposal.  
  • Table of Contents – A general outline of what is included in the documentation and the page number that the next topic starts. 
  • Executive Summary – A general overview of the proposal
  • Statement of the Problem/Customer’s Needs – Explains the issue addressed by the proposal
  • Proposed Solution – Outlines the way a project solves an issue and the steps used to achieve the desired outcome
  • Bios and Qualifications – Presents the backgrounds and qualifications of involved parties involved
  • Pricing – Outlines the budget and/or fees of the proposed project
  • Terms and Conditions – Addresses the legal agreements needed between involved parties for the project to begin

With these sections in your business proposals, it will help show your prospective client the ideals that your company is about, and how your company can help your prospective client grow. There are 4 main types of business proposals that your company and your skilled technical writers may come across. 

Types of Proposals

Sales Professional Going Over a Contract with a Couple.

Internal Proposal – Also known as “Justification Report”, is a written proposal to an audience within the proposer’s company. They are typically short documents addressing immediate issues. 

External Proposal – Written to an entity outside the proposer’s company, these often show how one party can benefit the other, or how a collaboration would be mutually beneficial.

Sales Proposal – This is the most common written form of an external proposal. It is designed to persuade customers to purchase goods and services. 

Grant Proposal –  Typically a part of a grant application, explaining how funds will be used if the grant is issued.

Benefits of Having a Proposal

Hiring a technical writer ensures that your proposal is clear and persuasive. Technical writers are highly skilled at creating top-quality documentation that outlines the scope of the proposal, resulting in greater transparency and boosting the possibility of success. Acceptance of the proposal can secure key contracts, lead to repeat customers or foster a greater environment for sharing ideas within your organization. Additionally, technically proficient proposals will…

  • Explicitly states the needs, goals, and terms and conditions of the project, improving clarity and communication
  • Physical documentation creates a paper trail that can be referred back to by all involved parties
  • Comprehensive and organized content improves the efficiency of eventual project implementation
  •  Shows that your party is serious and professional in its request, thus greatly improving the odds of success

Whether you need a team of consultants to produce a complete line of documentation or a single technical writer for a brief project, Essential Data’s Engagement Manager will lead the project from start to finish. At Essential Data Corporation, the quality of our work is guaranteed. Contact us today to get started. (800) 221-0093 or

Written by Gwen Nicastro