Website Content Services

Having a strong website content service and web presence helps prioritize your business to succeed these days. Creating engaging, informative content on your website increases brand awareness and business. Indeed, the old axiom still holds, “content is king,” and keeping your website current is a massive undertaking. All the different up-to-date issues and topics still maintain authoritative knowledge on the subject matter. This is too much for one creative director to handle. Bringing on outside help sounds expensive and time-consuming, but professional technical writers have a wealth of knowledge. With the knowledge of the different topics, your website updates on time and is also under budget.

Client Need

A leading technology firm wanted to update the content on its website and tasked its company’s creative team with the job. While its in-house staff was able to produce average quality content, the information wasn’t nearly as complete and in-depth as the company wished. Also, the creative team was not producing enough content to keep on schedule. The company knew the situation had to change but knew hiring full-time technical writers would cost too much and contacted Essential Data Corporation. EDC was able to provide a diverse pool of contract technical writers experienced in each of the topics that needed to be updated.

EDC Solution

With a pool of contracted writers from Essential Data Corporation, the company was able to hire the types of technical writers experienced in the topics it needed. The fact that the writers were also contracted meant that the writers were paid by the document, bringing the website up to date and under budget. With the technical writers from EDC already adept in the different topics on the website, they did not need any time to research the issues. As such, the updates to the website content were finished on schedule.

Benefits for the Client

With its website content up to date, the company experienced greater traffic on its website. This led to greater impressions and conversion rates, thus creating more business for the website. At first, the company thought that hiring outside full-time writers would not only be over budget but also the project would be slowed down. With Essential Data’s help, the company got the writers it needed under budget. No matter the size of the budget, Essential Data Corporation can help find the technical writers you need.

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