Documentation Writers: Everything You Need to Know

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Technical documentation is the glue that holds a business together.  When written properly, good documentation is easy to read, well-organized, accessible, and most importantly, comprehensive. When it comes to developing technical documentation, it is best to turn to documentation writers. In this blog post, you will learn what their job is, the types of documents they write, and why hiring them is important for your business.

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What are Documentation Writers?

In every industry, big and small businesses use a variety of documentation. In fact, companies cannot operate without it. Because a company’s success depends on the quality and effectiveness of their documentation, it’s necessary to have a documentation writer.

A documentation writer is responsible for communicating complex information in a clear and useful manner. It is their job to simplify the function of a product, as well as oversee and maintain document management systems and processes. They are also known as technical writers and will often work alongside Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), developers, engineers, and project managers in various industries like IT, medicine, marketing, and engineering.

Now that we know what a documentation writer is, let’s take a look into the types of content they create.

Types of Technical Documents

Contrary to popular belief, technical documentation is more than board game instructions or a TV guide. In fact, it includes a wide range of specialized documents, spanning from compliance policies to aircraft specifications to incident management plans. Organizations cannot operate without proper documentation; therefore, documentation writers are essential to businesses in every industry.

To list all the different types of documents is nearly impossible, however, here are a few examples of technical documentation used in the tech industry and the daily operations of an organization:

  • IT Documentation: a collection of documents describing how an IT Team operates
  • API Documentation: a reference manual on how to use and connect multiple APIs
  • Software Documentation: instructions that explain how to use a program or a service
  • Java Documentation: principal rules in the Java programing language
    • External doc – description of guidelines and restriction in a java program
    • Internal doc – explanation of specific code and its methodology
  • Process Documentation: describes a series of steps to complete a task or process
  • Policy and Procedures: guidelines for day-to-day operations and course of action
  • Knowledge Base:  a collection of frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and troubleshooting instructions
  • Training Materials: a variety of manuals, job aids, and other tools to help employees learn specific skills or knowledge

You can find more information on technical documents here.

Why are Documentation Writers Important for Your Business?

Investing in a documentation writer is important because they will create the deliverables that ensure in-house employees achieve organization goals. Their work will also help end-users understand how to use your product, resulting in user satisfaction and return customers. By updating documentation, they will reduce human errors, remove useless documents, and increase productivity, saving you time and money. Finally, their work will ensure that future employees will have access to the valuable knowledge current employees have gained over time.


Documentation writers are essential to all businesses. Regardless of industry, they can translate complex information into clear, concise, and useful documents. For as long as businesses exist, there will be a need for documentation writers.

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