Technical Documentation Writers: A Valuable Asset To Software Developers

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Within the complex process of software development, there is an extreme need for technical writing and documentation. What type of documentation is necessary? Why are technical documentation writers the best choice for the job? Let’s discuss!

Project and Process Documentation

‘Technical documentation’ is a term used to describe various written documents and materials essential to the development process, as well as for the use of the product. In terms of software development, however, this documentation will specifically pertain to the software development process and the product’s eventual use. Subsequently, most of this documentation can be divided into two categories, project documentation and process documentation.

Project Documentation includes…

Process Documentation includes…

  • Plans and Financial Estimates
  • Scheduling
  • Reports and Metrics

As the above lists imply, product documentation includes written documents explaining the use and function of the product or software itself, also including manuals for users and administrators. Conversely, process documentation encompasses the process of product development, including meeting documentation and even business correspondence.

Technical Documentation Writers are an Asset to Engineers and Developers

There is an immense need for documentation within the software development industry. Documentation, especially types essential to the process of software development, serves as a communication tool for both product developers and consumers. Those who are skilled in written communication are best suited for completing this documentation, rather than engineers and developers whose specialties lie elsewhere.

A company may be inclined to assign documentation creation to their engineers and developers, however, it is best that skilled technical documentation writers work collaboratively with these developers to create the best product and process documentation. In doing this, software developers and engineers are able to focus their energy on creating a top-quality product without having to worry about also creating documentation. Thus, company efficiency, confidence, and product quality are bound to increase.

Technical documentation writers are talented at focusing on creating clear explanations of complex subject matter, without missing a single detail. Often, technical documentation writers will work with subject matter experts in order to ensure that no detail is missed. Thus, this collaboration between software experts and skilled writers is a no-brainer.

Furthermore, the hourly rate of technical documentation writers is less expensive than the amount of time and money wasted by utilizing in-house engineers and developers to complete a task that is not in their area of expertise.

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Written by Ariana Sweany


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