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A laptop displaying a code that is being run by artificial intelligence, demonstrating the importance of AI technical writers.

Machine learning has increasingly become an integral part of businesses. AI’s mechanize algorithms to operate machine learning. These algorithms receive and model data that it learns from to identify patterns and behavior and make predictions. While machine learning AI has become more and more important, the algorithms behind AI are still susceptible to bias. Because of the similarity between training humans and AI, technical writers providing training documentation can help reduce this bias.

How Bias Affects AI

The advantage of having AI-powered machine learning is its speed of learning and adapting to new data. With an effective machine learning AI, businesses in different industries can rely on machine learning for many functions. This can range from recommending products or shows to stream to consumers based on user history, filtering emails and documents for organizations by detecting keywords or monitoring a patient’s health to predict treatment. 

The many uses of machine learning AI highlights the importance of quality training to ensure the best results. Although algorithms work independently and interpret data much faster than a person, it still has biases associated with human behavior. These biases can include sample bias, which results from a faulty dataset that prevents the AI from making accurate assumptions. Another could be confirmation bias, such as the AI confirming faulty data when it is only exposed to the same information. Not accounting for these biases when training your AI can result in small incidents.

These incidents include poor customer experience on a streaming service, or more serious cases, such as unintended discriminatory practices. An example of this is when Amazon’s machine learning AI filtered out women candidates for positions in the company due to the AI concluding from previous job applications that male candidates would be better employees.  With poor training, an AI would hinder machine learning as it lowers the predictive accuracy of the AI. As the algorithm gathers more and more data, its biases become more and more pronounced. However, there is a way to have all of the benefits of machine learning, along with reduced bias.

How Technical Writers Train AI

The AI can be traced to the programmer who developed the algorithm behind the AI. The training provided by the original programmer might unknowingly include their own biases in the algorithm when developing the AI. So, the way to combat this is to provide bias training to the AI, as you would to a person. By having a AI technical writer provide bias training targeted for an AI, you can reduce its bias as much as possible and increase the algorithm’s predictive accuracy.

At first glance, the original programmer might have more knowledge about AI development. However, hiring a technical writing consultant to provide training is more advantageous for machine learning development. AI technical writers provide training documentation for people would allow them to provide equivalent training for AI. Along with this experience, AI technical writers are also knowledgeable about how machine learning works.

Moreover, this gives them a unique skill set that allows them to know in-depth how bias affects an AI’s algorithm, as well as how to deal with it. An AI technical writer can provide accurate stimulus-response documentation before deploying an algorithm, which would result in mountains of training data for the AI. Having been provided with this data, the models generated by the algorithm can then accurately predict the data it then receives as it is trained to account for any variances and make the correct assumption.


The downside of not having proper training documentation to root out bias is clear. Whether a machine learning algorithm is gathering data to predict the audience’s taste in a streaming service, or filtering emails, poor results would only lead to unsatisfied customers, harming business. To avoid this, AI technical writers can create proper training documentation.

How Can Technical Writers From EDC Help?

The importance of machine learning for businesses nowadays has made AI essential. To ensure the AI’s reliability in modeling data and making predictions, proper training must be provided. EDC’s technical writers can provide this training, which in turn would allow developers to provide the most reliable and accurate machine learning AI. 

Whether you need training documentation, a team of consultants to produce a complete line of documentation, or a single technical writer for a brief project, Essential Data’s Engagement Manager will lead the project from start to finish. At Essential Data Corporation, we guarantee the quality of our work. Contact us today to get started. (800) 221-0093 or

Written by Stanley Chu