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As COVID lockdowns kept people in the home and stock market prices fell, a large number of people decided to try their hand at investing, especially through popular apps like Robinhood. In 2020 alone, the brokerage industry saw an increase of 10 million new clients. This trend appears to remain steady this year as well. However, with this large increase in individual traders, not all have the know-how when it comes to investing.  This phenomenon leaves many traders quite vulnerable. To this purpose, business white papers are an advantageous tool for brokerage companies to develop as they can provide the type of information newcomers need.

White papers are informational documents that promote products or services offered by a company. Distinct from typical marketing tools, white papers aim to provide factual and technical information on their services. Such type of documentation can be quite valuable. The documentation presents a potential client with information on why a company’s services provide the perfect solution to a problem or explaining why their services are superior. When developing white papers for your company it is beneficial to have a subject matter expert write these documents as they have a particular insight into the services offered. 

Technical documentation writers have relevant experience as they often write well-researched materials and have in-depth knowledge in a variety of industries. Tech writers not only have the knowledge and research savvy to produce white papers, but they are also able to translate industry-specific terms and language that can be easily digested by anyone. The accessibility of white papers benefits a company in that they can appeal to the everyday person that may be searching for the solution a certain company offers. 

How White Papers Can Benefit the Brokerage Industry

To start off there are a number of different types of white papers you can use in the financial industry. One such type is the backgrounder, which provides an overview of a company’s products or services, and how the company is superior to other similar businesses. Another is the problem/solution type, which intends to educate the reader on a solution that the company offers to an industry-wide issue.

Well-written white papers help build a company’s reputation and credibility especially if they are effectively educational. If a company appears to know what they are talking about and are able to educate the reader, the reader may develop trust in the company and opt-in to their services. White papers do not explicitly sell to the reader. However, the persuasive nature of these documents pushes readers towards converting. 

Providing white can help establish trust with a company and provide educational materials for new investors. Lack of such materials can lead to some legal trouble. For instance, last year the Massachusetts Securities Division filed a complaint against Robinhood for aggressively marketing to inexperienced investors and allowing them to participate in complicated trades.

Evidence of Beneficial Use of White Papers

In response, Robinhood added improved educational materials.  This was a show of good faith to provide new investors with the knowledge they need to begin trading. The use of white papers in such can help to persuade a client to use a company’s service.  It also  provides them with the adequate knowledge needed to participate in activities such as trading. It is also critical that brokerage companies provide white papers that consumers easily understand.  This attracts the interest of newcomers that may not have as much experience in trading. Technical documentation writers are quite well versed in transforming difficult concepts into digestible information. 

There has been an unprecedented rise in new brokerage accounts since the beginning of the pandemic. White papers can prove to be an essential tool to entice new investors to your company. Cryptocurrencies publish white papers in efforts to attract investors and users. One famous example is that of the Bitcoin white paper which eventually led to the launch of Bitcoin.

These educational documents are effective in generating leads. The reader learns about the products or services a company offers. The documents help build credibility in the mind of the reader. A study shows that 68 percent of readers of white papers have gone on to contact an organization after viewing their educational documents.  To capture the reader, your company’s white papers need to inform while persuading the reader to become a client. Technical documentation writers have  experience in producing white papers that appeal to all kinds of prospective clients.

How EDC can help 

EDC’s technical documentation writers develop white papers utilizing in depth research.  The writers use language that persuade a reader to become a client. They are also subject matter experts in a variety of fields. This is because writers have decades of experience in medical, scientific, and financial technical writing. As our writers have technical knowledge in these fields. Our writers produce marketing materials for products and services in the form of a white paper. 

Whether you need a team of consultants to produce a complete line of documentation or a single technical writer for a brief project, Essential Data’s Engagement Manager will lead the project from start to finish. At Essential Data Corporation, the quality of our work is guaranteed. Contact us today to get started. (800) 221-0093 or


Written by Diana Guerra