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Installation Manuals and Guides

hands on a computer keyboard, representing someone using an installation manual and guide to set up software

When a customer purchases a product, like a piece of software or a speaker, they want to use it immediately. First, however, they need to know the ins and outs of the product, its features, and how to use it. While customers are often eager to begin using their new purchase, they cannot begin until the product is properly installed. Installation manuals and guides are technical documentation that come with the product, helping the customer successfully install and set up a product without the assistance of an external service department.

What are Installation Manuals and Guides?

Installation manuals, or installation guides, are step-by-step technical documentation that come with a product and instruct the customer how to properly install and set up the product. Their purpose is to give the customer enough information to install a product without needing to contact customer service. Installation manuals should include content like methods of installation, minimum system requirements, and configuration of the product for proper usage.

Similar to installation manuals are quick reference guides, or quick start guides. Quick reference guides are clear and compact instructions for products that need very little set up, such as a phone app. They are typically shorter than installation manuals and may include less technical information.

Benefits of Utilizing these Guides

  • Clear and comprehensive installation manuals and guides make a great first impression on customers
  • Allows the customer to set up and use your product quickly and without any issues
  • Improves transparency and reduces frustration by informing the customer of the minimum system requirements for the product to be installed
  • Decreases the strain on customer service departments, saving your company resources
  • Provides customers with enough information to get the full value out of your product from the start, leading to greater customer satisfaction

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Written by Gwen Nicastro