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What is a Quick Reference Guide?

Two people looking at a booklet, representing the importance of quick reference guides.

Oftentimes, a user does not need to fully understand every minute detail of a product in order to use it. For example, very few people have complete knowledge about how a car’s engine, transmission, or suspension works, but they can still drive a car perfectly fine. This is the idea behind Quick Reference Guides, one of the most common forms of technical writing. A technical writing team can distill the intricacies of a product into a short guide that will enable users to effectively use the product.

What is the Purpose of a Quick Reference Guide?

A Quick Reference Guide is a short piece of technical documentation (usually 1-2 pages) that briefly describes how to use a product. Unlike a full-length Owner’s Manual, a Quick Reference Guide likely won’t include information regarding every small detail about a product. Instead, these guides focus on the usability aspects of a product. A technical writing professional has the knowledge and experience to know how to differentiate between information that is necessary for a product’s use versus less essential information. This technical documentation style allows users to more easily become familiar with a product or service and requires fewer resources to create than a full Owner’s Manual.

What is the Objective of a Quick Reference Guide?

Quick Reference Guides make products more accessible to consumers, which is very important for growing a customer base. Additionally, a lengthy Owner’s Manual will require more time and resources to create than a Quick Reference Guide, and, if done correctly, there is a high chance that consumers would not necessarily need the extra information present in an Owner’s Manual. Lastly, if printed on paper, a Quick Reference Guide would reduce the amount of paper needed compared to other forms of technical documentation, cutting production costs. Some further benefits are…

  • Makes it easier for consumers to familiarize themselves with a product, boosting customer satisfaction 
  • Simplifies usage of a product while still providing enough information for consumers to get the full use and value out of your product
  • QRF’s shorter form makes documentation less time- and resource- consuming to make.
  • Prioritizing accessibility and efficiency helps build a loyal customer base

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Written by Jeffrey Pinsker-Smith