How Interactive Electronic Manuals Improve Productivity


In the digital age, we are spending more and more of our money on non-physical goods, such as software or web-services. The physical goods that we purchase often come with an Owner’s Manual that explain how to use the product. With a non-physical good, however, it does not make sense to use a physical Owner’s Manual. Because of the non-physical nature of digital products, Owner’s Manuals have also migrated to the digital space, creating what we refer to today as Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs).

What are Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs)?

Storing your Interactive Electronic Technical Manuel IETM

An IETM is a collection of webpages or other digital media that allows users to navigate a product and find information more quickly than they would be able to in a traditional Owner’s Manual. This style of technical documentation differs from a traditional paper manual because it can include interactive elements such as embedded videos, auto-checking quiz questions, and electronically signable waivers. As with any form of technical documentation, an IETM contains all information about a product that might be useful to a consumer. Documentation writers are able to accurately yet concisely convey details about the product, and then organize them in a web- and user-friendly manner.

Benefits of IETMs

IETMs are generally seen as a superior alternative to traditional physical Owner’s Manuals because they can include more styles of technical information and are more conducive to finding desired information. Since IETMs are searchable (either by CTRL+F or through a built-in search engine) users can very quickly find key details and answers. Furthermore, a physical good can come with a link to an online IETM, saving paper.

  • Saves monetary resources used to print and distribute paper Owner’s Manuals
  • Makes information more readily accessible and easy to navigate
  • Can include more interesting styles of information than a traditional manual
  • Can be updated at any time so content is never outdated
  • Improves user experience with your product or service, increasing customer satisfaction and return customers

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Written by Jeffrey Pinsker-Smith