Knowledge Transfer Plans


Keeping important information within your company is vital to the long-term operation of a business. If an employee with critical knowledge leaves, that critical knowledge leaves with them. Not wanting to risk the possible negative ramifications, you schedule multiple meetings trying to obtain lost information, which will cost your business valuable resources. If you identify something one employee department is doing that can maximize productivity elsewhere, it is advantageous to document and share that information. This is where Knowledge Transfer Plans can help streamline the transfer of information between employees and departments over time, saving the business time and resources.

documenting knowledge transfer

What is Knowledge Transfer?

Knowledge transfer is the sharing of knowledge from one employee or department to another, and is not merely extra training but rather an exchange of skills and expertise that may include ideas, processes, documents, etc. An example of knowledge transfer would be if one department had a more effective way of handling its data on spreadsheets and shared that information, along with samples of data spreadsheets, to another department. By using a professional technical writing service, a business can come up with a knowledge transfer plan, which is a guide or outline that clearly shows how to facilitate a knowledge transfer within a company.

Benefits of this Documentation

Having a knowledge transfer plan leads to numerous benefits for your company, such as:

  • Creates an efficient tool for the sharing of useful information, practices, and data across employees and departments, facilitating greater productivity
  • Incorporates the ideas, data, and practices that employees wish to share with other departments into one easy-to-read synopsis that can be shared company-wide
  • Helps tweak the company regulations and restrictions on how data is released from departments, streamlining the process in a safe and secure manner
  • Helps new hires get up-to-speed with the rest of the company, without the need for extra training, decreasing management resource expenditure
  • Decreases costly knowledge loss as a natural turnover of employees occurs
  • Fosters an environment of creative thinking and problem solving among employees that increases the moral cohesion of the company through the free sharing of ideas

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Written by Gwen Nicastro