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Secret Weapon, Big Sales: Marketing Departments Need A Tech Writer

Have you ever wondered why marketing experts can produce big sales? One marketing strategy the industry thrives on is creating flashy and eye-catching material to focus on sales. Despite the success this strategy usually has, marketing-savvy technical writers have proven just as or even more beneficial. It is a sincere cousin, relying on factual evidence and concentrating on much more than securing the next sale, such as helping customers make informed choices using the aforementioned factual evidence, explaining the specifics of how to use a product to users, and helping people to find the product.

Therefore, all marketing departments need a marketing technical writer to ensure campaign integrity and show customers that they care about their experience. For this reason, marketing technical writers give brands and marketing departments more credibility. In addition, the work that technical writers do will improve those businesses’ appeal to customers.

Responsibilities of a Marketing Technical Writer

Documentation writers create technical documentation that provides insightful information. These writers are reviewing charts.\

An experienced, fact-based marketing technical writer can contribute to marketing departments in a variety of ways, including…

White Papers

B2B marketing often uses white papers to properly display a company’s success and promote its product or service. This usually takes the form of explaining a problem a potential client is facing and presenting a solution. Documents like these rely on factual evidence, such as the actual, tangible benefits of a product, or data on the topic or issue in question.  Because white papers use verified information and facts rather than simply advertising, readers are more likely to be convinced.  

Marketing technical writers are most often responsible for creating such documents, as they understand the details of the information and factual evidence, as well as how to present them to customers in a way that they will understand and appreciate. In a way, white papers act as the face of marketing strategies centered around technical writing.


By all means, using the talents of technical writers to create proposals can benefit marketers.  Marketing proposals often include a number of steps and concepts that are difficult to sort through.  By using their writing skills and knowledge of the information related to a project, technical writers can offer a clearer idea of what specific work or resources the proposed project or plan requires in order to succeed.

Marketing proposals can contain complicated information, which may put off clients and stakeholders from approving them.  In this way, marketing technical writers also help, by writing proposals so that they are easier to understand, which increases their chances of being approved.  Approval of proposals secures the project or plan.  A marketing technical writer is also capable of creating proposals.  In fact, the most accurate and detailed writers are often also those who work in the technical writing field.  This means that having a knowledgeable and skilled technical writer work on a proposal could be the difference between approval and rejection.

Case Studies

Case studies provide marketers with clear and concise product and sales information. To improve future campaigns, the marketing team uses this data to make necessary corrections and refinements.  In addition, case studies offer factual evidence and real-world examples of a product’s use.  These can then be used as proof of the product’s quality, and encourage consumers and clients to use it themselves.  There are numerous ways that marketing technical writers can help the department’s team to make use of a case study.  The most common way is, again, by interpreting the information on a case study into a more easily understandable form.

Press Releases

Press releases are news stories that businesses send to members of the media in order to spread information.  In marketing, this allows companies to introduce their brand to a wider audience, and potentially get consumers interested in their products. Marketing technical writers are often responsible for writing press releases.  In addition, press releases include very detailed information on the topic, which technical writers also help to implement.  Specifically, technical writers determine how to translate the information into a clear and usable form, much like with proposals and case studies.

Search Engine Optimization

IT Technical Writer

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a means of increasing the visibility of a company or business by improving the amount of traffic that online content produced by that company such as a web article receives.  More specifically, this is done by modifying the content in question so it ranks higher in search results. 

Such content mostly consists of articles that explain a specific topic extensively and in detail.  In this way, a company’s content is more likely to be the first result someone sees when they search for information on a topic.  Marketing technical writers often participate directly in this process, by both writing and optimizing technical documents.  When doing so, technical writers must ensure that readers can understand their content, while also making it detailed and thorough.

Customer Service

While customer service is not officially an aspect of marketing, it does play an important part in the process. Marketing technical writers write user guides and technical documents, making them easily understandable to help consumers to use a product.  A similar way that they provide customer service is through making a list of frequently asked questions, or FAQs.  

By helping users in this way, marketing technical writers create a sense of trust between the consumers and the business.  This ensures that consumers will keep using the product or service in question, and also makes it more likely that they will buy other products from the company.  In essence, this form of customer service acts as a way to create a stream of loyal consumers and clients.

In addition, companies in turn are able to use the quality of customer service provided to current users of a product as the basis for further marketing.  Specifically, a company could refer to data indicating how well they have served users in the past, and cite it as evidence that their work is worth investing in.

A business can also incorporate its brand into the customer service done by marketing technical writers.  For instance, a product’s instruction manual could include the company’s logo, signature writing style, and graphics.  By doing so, a business can make its service more memorable and tie it back to the company.  Users who receive excellent customer service may also spread word of this to others, possibly bringing in new customers.

How A Technical Writer Can Support Your Marketing Department

A woman learning to create a quick reference guide.

A marketing technical writer can provide valuable support to a company in several ways:

  1. Content Creation: Marketing technical writers can create compelling and engaging content that effectively communicates complex technical information to a non-technical audience. They can develop marketing collateral that highlights the company’s products, services, and technological capabilities.

  2. Product Documentation: Technical writers can develop user manuals, product guides, tutorials, and FAQs for the company’s products or services. By providing clear and concise instructions, they enhance the customer experience, reduce support inquiries, and increase user satisfaction.

  3. Marketing Collateral: Marketing technical writers can create persuasive copy for brochures, datasheets, presentations, and other marketing materials. They can effectively communicate the unique selling points, features, and benefits of the company’s offerings to customers, partners, and stakeholders.

  4. Thought Leadership Content: Technical writers can help position the company as a thought leader in its industry by developing insightful and informative content. This can include industry trend analysis, research reports, opinion pieces, and expert articles that establish the company’s expertise and attract attention from the target audience.

  5. Sales Enablement Materials: Technical writers can create sales enablement materials such as sales guides, product presentations, competitive analysis documents, and demo scripts. These resources provide the sales team with the necessary information and tools to effectively communicate the value proposition and features of the company’s offerings.

  6. Compliance and Regulatory Documentation: In industries that require compliance with specific regulations or standards, technical writers can assist in developing documentation that ensures adherence to those requirements. This may include creating documentation for data privacy, security, or industry-specific certifications.

  7. Internal Communication: Technical writers can contribute to internal communication efforts by creating newsletters, knowledge base articles, training materials, and company-wide announcements. This helps disseminate important information, promote collaboration, and enhance employee understanding of technical aspects of the company’s products or services.

Overall, a marketing technical writer can bridge the gap between marketing messaging and technical details, allowing the company to effectively communicate its value proposition, educate customers, and generate interest in its offerings.

All Things Considered

Although marketing experts are skilled communicators and strategists, the assistance of a marketing technical writer is valuable. Hiring a marketing technical writer is an excellent way to sharpen your data, increase sales, and create a more trusting relationship with your customers. Furthermore, while marketing professionals are experts at attracting potential customers to their products, marketing technical writers provide the facts and context behind marketing campaigns, enabling marketing tactics to succeed in the first place.

In other words, content marketers are the ones who draw customers’ attention to their product or service, but it is marketing technical writers who keep their attention and ensure that customers and users continue to use that product or service.

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Written by Ariana Sweany