Secret Weapon, Big Sales: Marketing Departments Need A Tech Writer

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The marketing industry thrives on developing flashy and eye-catching material focused purely on making sales. By contrast, technical writing is marketing’s sensible and sincere cousin, relying on factual evidence and focusing on much more beyond securing the next sale. Marketing departments everywhere need a tech writer in order to uphold the integrity of their campaigns and show customers that they truly care about customer experience and satisfaction. In this way, technical writers give brands and their marketing departments more credibility and improve their appeal to customers.

Marketing Responsibilities of a Tech Writer

A marketing department may utilize the skills of a precise, fact-oriented tech writer in many ways, including…

White Papers

Often used within B2B marketing, white papers are used in order to properly display a company’s success as well as promote the product or service being used. These documents are fact-based and rely on evidence in order to prove the excellence of the service or product in question. 


Marketing experts  benefit from utilizing the talents of technical writers to create proposals. Proposals are created in order to persuade a reader to approve of a  project or plan. Typically detailed and precise, a tech writer is well-equipped to develop these.

Case Studies

Similarly to the above examples, in a marketing context, a case study is a detailed report on product information and sales that has been translated into clear and concise insights. The marketing team can then use this data to do a better job on future campaigns, making corrections and improvements where needed.

All Things Considered

Although marketing experts are skilled communicators and strategists, they need the assistance a tech writer in order to better hone their data, increase sales, and build better, more trusting customer relationships. While marketing professionals are skilled at attracting potential customers to their product, technical writers provide the facts and wider context behind marketing campaigns, ultimately allowing the success of said marketing tactics.

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Written by Ariana Sweany


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