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Healthcare administration is an area of healthcare that deals with the many different kinds of records used to monitor patients’ medical information. However, the massive amount and variety of this information can make it difficult to keep track of.  Naturally, therefore, documentation plays an important role in administrative duties, allowing such information to be preserved and distributed, as well as allowing the administrative system as a whole to function. Maintaining the confidentiality of patient records in particular is crucial for adhering to rules and privacy legislation. Hiring technical writers for security process documentation can assist in ensuring the security of medical records and protecting patients’ data privacy.

What Are The Benefits Of Security Processes Documentation?

The need for updated security processes documentation is especially crucial due to the increasingly digital world we now operate in. Faulty cybersecurity practices can lead to risks of a patient’s health records leaking, and violations of regulations such as HIPAA.  Privacy and security practices are needed to keep medical information safe and help reassure patients to trust healthcare professionals. The best way to guarantee privacy and comply with regulations is to make sure that the security procedures of a healthcare facility are up to date and easily understandable by everyone. This will uncover and patch up any gaps in security policies as well as make proper procedure known to all. This is where security process documentation comes into play.

Security procedures are the steps in a sequence that implement, perform, or enforce a security task or function. By writing documentation of these procedures, a healthcare facility would help administrative employees to know the proper methods to ensure compliance with privacy regulations. More specifically, security procedures documentation includes information on the practices and standards to gain access to company networks or the internet, the amount of access an individual employee has to company data, plans for changes in the security services or operations within the company, information security policies, business continuity plans, etc. By keeping these policies updated, employees would always know the proper procedures to ensure patient confidentiality. This is especially important in the digital age, as it lessens the chance for misplaced data. 

What Is An Example Of Security Process Documentation?

HIPAA and the non-compliant practices in relation to it in some healthcare administrations provide a pertinent example of the requirement for security processes documentation. As previously mentioned, the use of digital technology opens up potential risk factors in confidentiality practices. Particularly, the use of digital communications tools, such as email, can result in non-secure channels that inadvertently leak healthcare records.

A company can hire EDC’s tech writers to check for any possible security breaches, implement more secure policies, and write security procedures documentation. For example, by establishing new email/communication policies and encrypting the transmitted data behind a secure portal, EDC’s technical writers can fix unsafe communication channels. Our technical writers have the skills and experience necessary to also provide documentation on how to implement cybersecurity necessities


In conclusion, the privacy of patients is of utmost importance for most healthcare providers. This duty falls to the administrative staff in most cases. For the patients’ privacy to be protected, a healthcare organization’s security protocols must be kept private. While the ease of accessing records is an advantage of the digital age, constantly updating software that opens new problems or – on the other hand – out-of-date software with security holes can vex healthcare administrators who are attempting to keep patients’ privacy. By hiring technical writers to check or update security processes documentation, administrators can rest assured that the best security practices are in place.

How EDC Can Help You

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Written by Stanley Chu