Why Security Procedures Documentation Is Essential


Security Procedures Documentation is Essential to a Companies Security

The age of the internet has made a big world small, with files and data being sent across the world instantaneously. While this has been advantageous for businesses in many ways, the digital environment has also created a greater security risk and the need for cybersecurity documentation. Having proper security procedure documentation can protect your company and its data from unwanted parties, such as hackers. Solid security procedures are a must, and it is also essential to ensure that these procedures are clear and concise. When written by a professional documentation writer, security procedures documentation will help you implement security procedures quicker and with greater efficiency.

What are Security Procedures?

Security Procedures are the steps in a sequence that implement, perform, or enforce a security task or function. An example of a security procedure would be the hierarchy of employee access to company files on a server. By outlining this procedure through documentation, there is a clear delineation between the level of access a new hire has and the level of access a department head has. Thus, security procedure documents are the technical writing and documentation of security procedures and are essential to maintaining clarity and consistency.

What do Security Procedures entail? 

A well-conceived security procedure should include:

Acceptable Use Policy – the practices and standards to which an employee must adhere in order to gain access to company networks or the internet

Access Control Policy – outlines the amount of access an individual employee has to company data such as systems, information, and networks

Change Management Policy – details the plan for changes in the security services or operations within the company

Information Security Policy – policies that outline the guidelines and practices that are utilized for sensitive company data or assets

Incident Response Policy – policies that outline the response and follow-up needed in order to reduce any negative impact in the event of a security breach

Remote Access Policy – policies that dictate how, and in what manner, an employee is accessing data or systems from a remote site, such as accessing company data from a coffee shop

Email/Communication Policy – lays out the company’s standards and practices for the way an employee uses the company’s electronic communications securely, such as email

Disaster Recovery Policy – a security procedure documentation should contain a detailed response outline in the event of a natural disaster, or any other event occurring outside of normal operations, which would impact the security of the company’s information systems

Business Continuity Plan – outlines and coordinates the company’s efforts for the restoration and recovery of company hardware, data, and applications essential to business continuity

Benefits of this Documentation

When written by technical writers, security procedures documentation provides a wide range of benefits, including…

  • Creates a clear and easy-to-follow plan for the business to implement should sensitive company data or information be compromised
  • Outlines how employees safely and securely handle company data and information, on-site and remotely, creating fewer opportunities for a security breach
  • Gives employees clear guidelines for their level of access to company information or systems, creating greater employee satisfaction through clarity, lessening the odds of an accidental security leak
  • Clearly outlines the procedures for turning over sensitive company information should there be a change in management or the company’s goals
  • Streamlines the processes of recovering company information and mitigates any negative effects from a security breach, getting the company back up and running quickly after an incident
  • Shows that a company is professional, prepared, and understands its position in the growing digital world


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Written by Gwen Nicastro