How Can Technical Writers Help Ancillary Companies?

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There is more to the cannabis industry than breeders, cultivators, and dispensaries. For a billion-dollar industry, up-and-coming entrepreneurs and the public often limit their definition of the cannabis industry to just those fields, when in reality there are many more. In fact, what makes up the majority of the cannabis sector is actually ancillary companies. What exactly are ancillary companies? Regarding marijuana, they are companies or B2B that provide support and services to the main business operations within the overall cannabis industry. This may include anything from professional services, finances, insurance, equipment, security solutions, real estate, contractors, data platforms, agriculture tech, and so much more. When it comes to ancillary companies the focus is more on the logistical side of the business rather than the growing and selling of the cannabis plant. As new legislation continues to legalize marijuana across the nation, the cannabis industry will grow exponentially. Therefore, the need for understanding how to navigate his new industry legally will require a lot of structure and guidance. Ancillary companies can get the help they need from technical writers.

How Technical Writers Benefit Ancillary Companies

The biggest challenge ancillary businesses face is complying with the law when cannabis is still illegal on a federal level. With changing regulations, it is like trying to navigate a minefield. Even though marijuana is legal in some states the guideline varies from state to state making it difficult for companies to be successful and potentially face legal and financial ramifications.

Technical writers trained in technical writing and digital communication can help ancillary companies produce accurate and useful documentation on the various rules, regulations, and services required to operate within the cannabis industry. From compliance & regulation policies to license and permit essentials. With the assistance of compliance tech writers, they can advise companies on how to conduct their business and most importantly keep them UpToDate, so they are always a complaint.

Also, With the ability to collaborate with any SMEs, a technical writer can tackle any field in the ancillary market helping companies to communicate effectively to other audiences or businesses with different laws. Technical communicators can prepare and design human resource documents that address the training materials employees will need to ensure the best work practices since it can be viewed as working with an illegal substance.

Regardless of the legality of working with cannabis, running an ancillary business will still require standard operating procedures. Technical writers can help a company understand how their service or product works by developing, improving, or streamlining any documentation to ensure a company is running efficiently. Employees of all levels will have access to easy-to-read documents on topics ranging from cloud services, security solutions, packing manufacturing, payroll, marketing & branding packaging, and more. Unlike a federally regulated business, employees of all departments will need step-by-step procedures and processes for the exact behavior expected of them working in a high-intensity workspace.

Like with any business, a cannabis-based company will generate high volumes of documentation probably even more due to the strict rules and regulations. Technical writers are trained to handle such a task. They are skilled and equipped to use automation technology to create a document management system to help integrate records that will minimize confusion, assure rapid navigation, and ensure reliable records are accessible. Furthermore, with the use of automation workflows can increase among staff, and data can be formatted for maximum use on electronic devices among authorized employees. Tech writers once again will use software that assures your company complies with security and industry regulations and legal requirements making it easier to focus on operating your business.


Hiring a team of technical writers to help operate an ancillary company in the cannabis industry can be the key to your success. Businesses must be careful every step of the way as regulations are constantly changing and the industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. Investing in technical writers means having good document management practices to always be compliant to run your business.

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Written by Kimberly Jones


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