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A developer woman sitting at a table writing code with her right hand and researching on her phone using her left hand

The software industry has been gaining impressive traction for decades. Moreover, people have the advantage of working remotely. According to Global Workplace Analytics, there is an increased interest in working from home, with 80% of employees wanting to continue remote work beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. To help accommodate these new online platforms, software companies are in rising demand for services such as email, online office suites, and virtual meeting rooms. Technical writing is an essential service. Technical writers can comprehensively document product and software operations. Similarly, technical writers can deliver vital user-friendly, technical documentation.

Communication is Critical

Bruce Rigone, a Managing Director with Essential Data Corporation, has worked in Silicon Valley tech startups and was a part of the software industry before joining EDC. “I think many software companies share one thing. They have a complex product. Some of them understand that they can have the greatest product in the world. However, if users don’t understand how to use it, they’re probably not going to sell many of them,” he says.

Moreover, to him, communication with the customer is key, something that many software companies can struggle with. “Sometimes companies think developers or engineers can handle the communication with the customer on how to use their product. The problem is not many developers/engineers are good writers, few are trained to be writers and even fewer like to write,” he added.

Technical Writing: The Bridge Software Developers Need

Lastly, he notes that software developers’ and engineers’ aversion to writing stems from not doing what interests them. He continued to drive home a key point: to get people to use your product, you have to give them the tools to know how to use it, “Then on the other side, companies that get it right, really understand what we were saying before. You’ve got a complicated product, you want people to use it, and you want them to use it correctly, you don’t want to spend a lot of money with live support, well you better make sure that you have well-written online help support.”

Furthermore, to build success, businesses need a means to connect with their customers. Technical writing and documentation build that connection, taking complicated processes and breaking them down into something that consumers can easily understand while ensuring they still have all the tools to operate your software with success!

We have a team of consultants ready to produce a complete line of documentation. Perhaps you may only need a single technical writer for a brief project. Either way Essential Data’s Engagement Manager will lead the project from start to finish. At Essential Data Corporation, we guarantee the quality of our work. Contact us today to get started. (800) 221-0093 or [email protected]

Written by Alexis Friedman