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Are you a construction company that knows all the best document management practices yet still struggles with document control? Let us explore the issue many companies face, as well as the solution to help with your documentation woes for your next construction project.

When it comes to best practices for construction documentation management, experts often explain the importance of accessibility, centralized storage, scalability, authorization, and automation. Though these components are crucial to the management and growth of your system, companies tend to come up short because of who oversees their management systems. Often the responsibility falls on the contractor manager or another employee, who is already handling their initial workload, now in addition to this large project. Consequently, important information may not be up to date or simply difficult to find. For a construction project, this can lead to costly errors and valuable time wasted. 

So, how can we solve this problem? The solution is to hire a technical writer. And not just any technical writer who usually develops general content for all areas of your organization, but a writer whose job and focus are specifically about improving the control on construction documents. With a specialized tech writer, other staff members are able to get back to their original duties, and your company are sure to have better and effective documents practices in place.

Technical Writers and Construction Document Management

Here is some way technical writers can lift the burden of maintaining your construction document management systems, making it easier for all future projects to be successful.


Technical writers can develop a centralized document system. Allowing staff members across different departments access to documents located in one place. Making it easier to search and retrieve the information whenever they need it. This structure will resolve the issues of lost or duplicate documents. Once this structure is developed, it can improve collaboration and communication among staff. They can review, finalize, and respond to document changes through better workflows. Standardized systems ensure documents are easily managed, organized, and searchable.

Documentation Vision Control

In a construction project there can be a variety of unexpected changes whether in plans, labor, materials, weather, drawings, and more. Having to track and document every change can be challenging especially if a business is still using paper-based systems. often it leads to companies wasting time and money trying to fix the errors of using an outdated system in the first place. With a technical writer, your company can have better control managing any change that may come your way. Project managers and other staff have access to the latest information. Technical writers can ameliorate documentation, so there is less money spent on project reworks.

Document Automation

Furthermore, it is commonplace for companies to invest in the wrong software. With the help of a technical writer, they can determine the right technology that best suits your business needs. Whether it’s cloud services so you can integrate cloud-based applications with existing systems or on-premise software. Also, they can inform you on the best software solutions that encourage scalability as business operations grow and stay consistent. Time and money are significant factors in a construction project. With the technological know-how, technical writers can save you money. Tech writers can determine what automation tools and devices will allow staff easy access to documents and usage. Tech writers can help avoid communication delays that slow the progress of any project.

Here are additional advantages of hiring a construction technical writer to be in charge of digitizing your documents:

  • Technical writers incorporate technology that allows documents to be backed up as frequently as needed. Technical writers thrive on improving disaster recovery and protection
  • Increases remote access to construction plans with security and theft protection
  • Creating training documents for digital devices and security awareness
  • Help the company stay compliant with all industry guidelines and regulations, ensuring your company remains ready for future audits when needed


Finding the right people to manage your construction document management systems is crucial for the success of a company. While you may know the best course of action to improve your system, it starts with having the right person to enforce it. With a trained technical writer, they can implement good documentation practices that ensure construction companies can streamline their business process, minimize errors, control & reduce spending, and increase the efficiency of their time. 

How can EDC help?

Whether you need a team of consultants or a single technical writer to produce a complete line of documentation. At Essential Data Corporation we can help you organize and manage ISO standards documents in any industry. Contact us today to get started. (800) 221-0093 or sales@edc.us

Written by Kimberly Jones