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Audit documentation, sometimes called audit working papers, is the technical documentation relating to an audit. It includes topics such as the processes of the audit, evidence found during the audit, and conclusions reached by an auditor. When done correctly, it is a clear record of how an audit was conducted.

Types of Audit Documentation

There are many types of audits that a company or organization can undergo, such as…

Internal audit

Internal audits are financial audits, initiated by the owner or board of directors of the company, that are completed in-house. They check up on the company’s financial goals, ensure that the company is compliant with all laws and regulations, and can be used to make improvements to the accounting practices of the company.

External Audit

External audits are very similar to internal audits, however, an external audit is conducted by an outside party not connected to the company, rather than being handled in-house.

Operational Audit

Operation audits are audits that check on the company’s planning, processes, and procedures, ensuring that it is operating in the most expedient and economical ways for achieving company goals.

Compliance Audit

Compliance audits are conducted to ensure that the company’s operations are in line with internal or external standards and regulations.

Information System Audit

Information system audits are conducted to ensure the IT, computer systems, and company software are operating smoothly and efficiently and that no outside third party agents are able to access company data or systems.

Pay Audit

Pay audits are conducted to highlight any pay discrepancies among employees and to see if employee pay is in line with typical wages for your location and industry.

Payroll Audit

Payroll audits ensure that your company’s payroll processes and procedures are accurate and compliant with all regulations and laws.

Benefits of Audit Documentation

Clear, clean, and concise audit documentation written by a technical writer has many benefits, such as…

  • Captures and records the audit findings, helping companies to align goals and address important issues
  • Records the dates and periods of when an audit was conducted, providing a time-based record to compare future improvement to
  • Provides the information, data and records used to conduct the audit
  • Documents the steps taken in the audit by the auditor, improving company-wide understanding
  • Creates training tools for future auditors
  • Provides evidence that the auditor conducted the audit within the legal and company regulations, boosting trust and legitimacy
  • Shows a company is professional, efficient, well-organized, and attentive to the efficiency of its practices, procedures, and operations

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Written by Gwen Nicastro