Emerging industries are experiencing rapid growth. The medical marijuana industry, in particular, is booming, as researchers are discovering new uses for medical cannabis nearly every day. However, medical marijuana, like all new industries, is subject to laws and regulations that can change quickly. This is due to a patchwork of different laws across the country. Changes in local regulations can require business policy or procedure adjustment, likely slowing or even stopping production for some time. Failure to keep up to date on the laws and regulations often leads to profit losses in a fast-growing market.

Client Need

A manufacturer of medical cannabis with a very popular product line was experiencing exponential growth. While the manufacturing team was able to keep pace, the company was struggling to keep up with rapidly evolving industry regulations. In order to adapt and stay within industry code, the business had to slow down operations. Wanting to keep up with regulations and standards without forfeiting its place at the top of their industry, the client contacted Essential Data Corporation to assist with the industry standard certification process. With a deep pool of  talented technical documentation writers, EDC was able to help the client get the company administration up to speed regarding new industry standards, and also created the technical documentation required by the client.

EDC Solution

A senior technical writer from EDC was tasked with developing a project plan to get the client up to current industry standards. With help from company management and subject matter experts in the medical cannabis field, EDC’s senior technical writer was able to create easy-to-follow technical documentation including proposals, regulatory compliance documentation, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). With EDCs assistance, the client was able keep up with new industry standards as well as its product line’s growth.

Benefits for the Client

With EDC’s technical content writing services, the client was able to integrate the new standards into its operations quickly, completing all certification requirements in record time and within budget. Because of this, product manufacturing was never hindered and the client was able to maintain record growth and sales. Without EDC’s assistance, bringing the company up to industry standards would have been a lengthy process, stopping the company from continuing its record-setting growth and slashing profits.

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