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Client Needs

One of the more complex clients whom we have helped navigate this scenario is an online mortgage originator. This company had created its own online approval process for originating mortgage loans, and this software had been in use for many years. Unfortunately, this product was created by the company’s in-house development team of three people, and no one else at the company had the technical expertise to understand the details or specific machinations of the software. Understandably, this issue worried the company. What if one of these in-house developers left the company? What if the developers use their knowledge as leverage against management or executives? These questions were combined with additional concerns about the difficulties of training new employees due to the lack of technical documentation for the software.

EDC Solution

So, how was Essential Data able to help this client? First, Essential Data provided two technical writers and one instructional designer to work with the in-house development team to fully analyze the company software. Then, technical writers created a software tutorial for employee training. The result of this collaboration was accruing both technical documentation for future software development and updates, as well as user-friendly manuals for day-to-day usage.


In the end, the true benefit of Essential Data’s technical writing and documentation services was that the software no longer exists in the heads of just three people, but in a fully documented form that other people in the company can follow and understand. This not only made the software easier to use in the present but also gave the client greater flexibility in the future. Across the board, Essential Data’s work improved software use and understanding, boosting productivity, clarity, and company morale.