The Financial Technology industry (known colloquially as FinTech) is simultaneously one of the fastest growing and most complex industries in the modern economy. As more and more of the economy dematerializes, the role technology plays in organizing and allocating money grows in size. Navigating this field can be daunting even for the industry’s largest players. It is necessary to fully understand technical documentation on both the ends of software providers and the end regulators. Essential Data’s technical writers have experience in all corners of the FinTech sector. This is from software development to accounting to government agencies. One illuminating example of Essential Data’s technical writing team’s success in helping businesses navigate the world of FinTech comes from a credit agency that came to us looking to create a platform for business process implementation. This client needed a platform that was flexible, secure, and effective.

Client Need

Since this task had so many layers of involvement, the credit agency needed technical writers who were well versed in the software development life cycle, utilizing APIs from major software companies, such as Oracle and other VPN providers, and system maintenance. The firm did not have employees with adequate technical background to effectively document the tasks needed to complete this project.

EDC Solution

The first step Essential Data took in creating this platform was providing a team of technical writers, each specializing in different steps necessary to complete the project. Since Essential Data’s technical writers have such diverse backgrounds, every step of the process of developing this software would be adequately detailed and, also importantly, consistent with the specifications of all of the other technical writers on the team. Lastly, after the software was developed, Essential Data provided one technical writer to work full-time with the credit agency to maintain the platform and update the documentation as necessary.

Benefits for the Client

As a result of the credit agency’s collaboration with Essential Data, the agency saw an increase in sales due to the success of the new collection system. Additionally, customers were satisfied with the platform, which improved their relationship with the company. None of this process would have been possible without the addition of Essential Data’s technical writers to the team.

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