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Client Needs

In the realm of agriculture, one standout company is revolutionizing traditional farming practices through indoor vertical farming, a cutting-edge approach that yields fresh, flavorful, and pesticide-free greens with minimal water and land usage. As pioneers in this innovative field, they are dedicated to rewriting the rules of agriculture by maximizing efficiency and sustainability. However, such groundbreaking technology demands comprehensive documentation to support operational excellence. Recognizing this imperative, the company tasked Essential Data with documenting the building process for their indoor vertical farms to create manuals for a collection of equipment. These manuals encompassed a range of crucial information, including standard operating procedures, troubleshooting guides, cleaning protocols, and preventative maintenance procedures.

a Farmer Standing Outside his Vertical Farm, which Requires Technical Documentation

EDC Solution

Essential Data hand-picked a small group of technical writers uniquely qualified for this project based on their industry experience and skill sets. These tech writers quickly embarked on a comprehensive approach to effectively meet the client’s documentation needs. Understanding the significance of clear and concise communication in the realm of indoor vertical farming, Essential Data’s technical documentation writers meticulously documented the building process for the client’s indoor vertical farms, translating complex procedures into user-friendly manuals. These manuals encompassed a wide array of essential information, including standard operating procedures, troubleshooting guides, cleaning protocols, and preventative maintenance procedures. Leveraging their expertise in technical writing, Essential Data’s tech writers ensured that each manual was tailored to the specific equipment utilized by the client, offering detailed insights into functionality and best practices for operation and maintenance. Moreover, the technical writers also undertook the task of documenting the work conducted by contractors during the construction phase, capturing key lessons learned to inform future decision-making and process refinement.

a Technical Writer working on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for a Vertical Farming System


The partnership with Essential Data yielded numerous benefits for the client, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency and overall success in the realm of indoor vertical farming. The meticulously crafted manuals provided by Essential Data streamlined the onboarding process for the client’s staff, contractors, and end-users, reducing the time and resources required for training and support. Clear and concise documentation enabled smoother operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Additionally, the comprehensive nature of the manuals empowered the client to proactively address issues through troubleshooting guides and preventative maintenance procedures, ultimately extending the lifespan of their equipment and reducing long-term maintenance costs. Moreover, by documenting the construction process and capturing key lessons learned, Essential Data facilitated continuous improvement and informed decision-making, enabling the client to adapt and refine their practices for ongoing success. Overall, the collaboration with Essential Data not only met the client’s immediate documentation needs but also positioned them for sustained growth and innovation in the field of indoor vertical farming.

a Bounty of Vegetables Harvested with the Boost in Efficiency Provided by Technical Documentation