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Client Needs for Indoor Vertical Farms

Transitioning to new technologies, especially in agriculture, presents significant challenges. Essential Data collaborated withFarmer who has an indoor vertical farm. an indoor vertical farm producer who hired us to create comprehensive manuals encompassing standard operating procedures, troubleshooting, cleaning, and preventive maintenance. Following the creation of these materials, the next crucial phase involved educating the workforce and users on leveraging these innovations effectively. The client prioritized ensuring that their investment in resources was matched by their ability to seamlessly integrate these advancements into their daily operations, without alienating their agricultural staff through complex jargon. This approach aimed to revolutionize traditional farming practices by promoting indoor vertical farms capable of producing fresh, tasty, and chemical-free produce, all while drastically reducing water and land usage in comparison to standard farming methods.

EDC Solutions

The technical writers at Essential Data skillfully crafted a solution for the manufacturer of the indoor vertical barn. Initially, a dedicated technical writer reviewed the available technologies in the field, distilling the complex features and objectives of the products into more understandable, straightforward language. After the client chose the suitable technologies, this writer then designed a visually engaging operator’s manual, which was seamlessly integrated into the sales brochure for the equipment. This manual offered clear and succinct instructions on the optimal utilization of the newly acquired technologies, enabling the workforce and farmers to fully harness and appreciate the advantages offered by these innovations made to indoor verticle farms.


Essential Data’s technical writing and documentation services yielded outstanding results. The client’s customer base warmlyFemale farmer who uses indoor vertical farms. received the indoor farms, attributing their ease of use and comprehension to the excellent documentation provided. This improvement in user-friendliness and technological advancement led to a noticeable boost in sales for the client. The contribution of a technical writer was vital; without it, the agricultural equipment manufacturer might not have experienced such a favorable reception of their product and could have risked losing valuable customers. Essential Data takes pride in its role in assisting businesses of all sizes to increase their profitability through technical writing and documentation services, making their products more user-friendly and accessible.




Client Needs

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