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Client Needs

A prominent challenge colleges and universities face is efficiently managing campus card systems. Our client sought a comprehensive solution that addressed the complexities of campus card management and provided a modern, mobile-first experience for students. The client envisioned a system encompassing mobile credentials, mobile ordering, online account management, photo upload, and online meal plan purchasing with billing automation. The client preferred freedom from proprietary or white-label hardware, aiming to leverage non-proprietary technologies for services like point of sale, mobile ordering, access control, and more. Additionally, the client sought to reduce the administrative burden of managing diverse campus systems of record. Looking for help in developing training documents for university technology departments, the client reached out to Essential Data for help.

a Receptionist at a Campus Desk, representing the Importance of Technical Writing in Integrating Cloud-Based Campus Management Systems

EDC Solution

After being contacted, Essential Data Corporation (EDC) presented a tailored technical writing solution to meet the client’s needs. EDC’s approach involved providing a highly skilled and qualified technical writer to create detailed training documents for college technology departments, guiding them through integrating their cloud-based campus card management solution. The provided technical writing services focused on documenting step-by-step procedures for seamless integration into the college’s framework, including instructions for configuring connections to student, employee, residence, and other campus systems of record using the client’s native web user interface, designed to Apple usability standards.

a Shelf of Library Books, representing the Importance of Technical Writing in Integrating Cloud-Based Campus Management Systems


The technical writing services Essential Data provided emphasized flexibility, allowing institutions to choose from non-proprietary, best-of-breed technologies for various services such as point of sale, mobile ordering, check-out-free retail, access control, print, copy, vending, and laundry. The elimination of proprietary mark-ups and the utilization of a modern cloud platform were highlighted as key features contributing to a lower cost of ownership.

The comprehensive training documents facilitated a smooth integration process for tech departments at colleges. This resulted in a faster deployment of the client’s cloud-based campus card management solution, saving time and resources. Additionally, the mobile-first student experience, made accessible by EDC’s solution, enhanced overall customer satisfaction among students and administrators. The intuitive interface and modern features contributed to a positive perception of the college’s technological capabilities.

Overall, Essential Data’s technical writing services were pivotal in seamlessly empowering college technology departments to integrate the cloud-based campus card management solution. This resulted in achieving the client’s goals of improved sales, efficient operations, and heightened customer satisfaction.

A Busy College Library, representing the Importance of Technical Writing in Integrating Cloud-Based Campus Management Systems