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Client Needs

Tire manufacturing companies make use of many different tools and machines throughout the manufacturing process. However, these tools can be challenging for new employees to learn how to use and can be extremely dangerous if used incorrectly. A multinational tire manufacturing company connected with Essential Data after noticing that new employees were experiencing difficulty properly utilizing C hooks, a tool used to lift materials such as steel coils and sheet steel. With the company seeking an employee-focused internal user manual to instruct workers on the proper use of C hooks in manufacturing, Essential Data was up to the task.

a Manufacturer taking the Pressure of a Tire, Representing the Importance of User Manuals for a Tire Manufacturer

EDC Solution

Essential Data Corporation assigned a team of technical writers to write the requested user manual for C hooks. Technical writers are exceptionally skilled in interpreting complicated information and ideas to be more understandable, making them very useful in writing user manuals, which often include complex terms or instructions. To develop an informative and practical manual, the technical writers first researched using C hooks in the tire manufacturing process, how they should be used in said process, and the risks workers might face when using them. The writers then developed a user manual explaining how to use C hooks safely and effectively when manufacturing tires in clear, easily comprehensible terms. Specifically, the user’s manual contained information on what a C hook is, how to use it in tasks related to tire manufacturing, and the possible dangers involved in its use and how to prevent them, with explanations for any manufacturing or technical jargon readers might be unfamiliar with.

a Technical Writer working on a User Manual, Representing the Importance of User Manuals for a Tire Manufacturer


Developed with the expert communication skills of Essential Data’s technical writers, the user manual provided the manufacturing company’s workers with the information needed to use C hooks in an efficient manner. After implementing the user manual, employees were able to complete tasks involving those tools more quickly and safely, which helped improve the company’s efficiency and reduce the risk of workplace accidents and injuries, simultaneously protecting the company from costly litigation. The user manual also reduced the time and effort needed to train new workers using C hooks when performing their duties, as it was an easily accessible source of information on the subject. The risk reduction and improvements in efficiency at multiple levels were achieved through Essential Data’s expert technical writers’ user manual, and continue to provide benefits to the manufacturers today.

a Manufacturer working on A Vehicle, Representing the Importance of User Manuals for a Tire Manufacturer