essential tools for technical writing

In the field of technical writing, one of the many essential elements is working with an assortment of documentation tools. For those pursuing this profession, you must get comfortable with tinkering. Then become proficient with software that will help you to:

Develop content.

Design a specific style and format for a document.

Communicate information in both words and visual aids.

However, Technical writers with the appropriate tools can turn complex information into clear, concise, consistent, and valuable material for a target audience. However, if you decide to step into the world of technical writing, getting familiar with the essential tools for technical writing is key. I addition, there is plenty of software in today’s digital landscape.  Some are classic tools, and others are pretty new. However, here are some standard tools for technical communicators to familiarize themselves.

Authoring Tools 

These tools are used to create documents with complex layouts and may require specialized training to utilize all the creative documentation capabilities fully.

Adobe FrameMaker – is a word processor designed for writing, editing, and customizing extensive complex documentation. This may include the ability to have Unstructured documents for printed or PDF documents or Structured Documents for DITA authoring and single sourcing. Users can create documents such as newsletters, books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, and more.

Adobe InDesign – Often used by graphic and marketing teams to create white papers, datasheets, brochures, and other marketing content.

Graphic Tools

In addition, the use of graphic elements and tools to enhance visual communications and deliver a message to a particular group is also prevalent.

Adobe Photoshop: Tech writers edit traditional as well as digital photos and pixel graphics with this image editing tool.

Adobe Illustrator – A design tool that can edit vector graphics,  used for web development, print, video, animations, apps, and more. This tool allows users to scale images without losing their clarity.  

Microsoft Visio – A diagramming and vector graphics application that helps create simple or complex diagrams from various built-in shapes, objects, and stencils. You can quickly create professional flowcharts timelines, Venn diagrams, and more in technical writing.

Helping Authoring Tools  

However, instrumental in creating documentation that aids user guidance on how a product or service functions. 

Adobe RoboHelp – Used to create online documentation and online help systems for desktop and web-based applications.

Madcap Flare – Used to design and create technical documentation for online help, knowledge bases, API documentation, training content, learning programs, policy & procedure, and more.

Screen Recording Tools 

Users capture and record actions performed on a computer screen using the software. Users can edit by adding audio, images, text, and more.

Snagit – Users can scroll capture, which is the ability to capture an entire webpage, document, or additional content you are viewing. As well as capture and edit videos and animated Gifs.

Camtasia – Users can record screens and edit videos, animation, and other visual effects.

Adobe Captivate – An eLearning tool with screen simulations. Users can create and edit slides that may include embedded audio, images, video, text, and interactive functions.


As technology continues to grow, so will the document tools technical writers need to succeed in the rapidly changing industries. Therefore, a technical writer must be ready to get familiar with the following up-and-coming tool that will make all the difference in whether you create a professional document. Producing high-quality documentation starts with having the right tools. Without them, a technical writer can only do half their job. Furthermore, many software tools make technical writing more manageable in this digital age. So, if you decide to pursue a career in technical writing, be prepared to face and become well versed in various documentation tools.

Technical Writers with Essential Tools: How EDC helps

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Written by Kimberly Jones