How Virtual Reality Documentation Can Help a Growing VR Industry

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The versatility of virtual reality technology has opened the door for its use in various industries. This expansion highlights how technical writers with experience in virtual reality documentation can help, by explaining how virtual reality works to industries that are inexperienced with this new technology.

Increased Use of Virtual Reality

While the current image of the virtual reality (VR) industry is geared towards home entertainment devices, the applications of VR technology to different industries allow for further room for growth, with some projecting that, by 2024, the industry is projected to be worth $12 billion. Reports have shown that the use of virtual reality devices has increased in the engineering, healthcare, aerospace, and real estate industries, among others. While the adoption of virtual reality in fields that have never used it before is a ripe area of expansion for the VR industry, it also creates potential difficulties in being too complex for new users to use. This is where Essential Data’s trained technical writers can help.

Technical Writers in VR Provide Unique Benefits

With virtual reality’s status as a new media, specialized knowledge is needed to operate the hardware and software properly. Because of this, having a technical writer available would allow for a wider audience to use virtual reality in their business, thus encouraging VR’s expansion. The purpose of a technical writer is to clearly communicate complex information. So, having a clearly written guide of the ins and outs of virtual reality technology would allow those unfamiliar with VR to effectively use it and receive all the wonderful benefits VR has to offer.

With more and more industries looking into implementing virtual reality, Essential Data’s technical writers’, with experience in many different fields, also have the benefit of knowing a specific industry’s needs. The advantage of this is that Essential Data can identify an industry’s familiarity with the technology, and thus also the best way to break down the information for them. By being clear and tailored to a certain industry, clients are presented upfront with an understanding of how virtual reality works and its benefits. Whether it is simply setting up the hardware, troubleshooting issues such as software not rendering properly, or explaining the advantages of virtual reality, Essential Data’s clear and concise writing can help the consumer understand just exactly what they need to know to make the best use of virtual reality in their business. 

Another benefit of hiring technical writers to take care of any documentation is that virtual reality companies would have more development time to ensure the best product possible. The added development time to address any potential hardware malfunctions or software bugs would also give the end consumer a better experience, building customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, all while boosting sales. These benefits from hiring a technical writer make it more likely for clients to continue with implementing virtual reality technology in their business model, setting up a mutually beneficial business relationship.


The growth of virtual reality in various fields has allowed for more industries to innovate with the technology. The adoption of new technologies inevitably comes with learning new information. Essential Data’s tech writers can promise to provide this information to every client in an efficient manner.

How can EDC Help?

With the possibility of a client being inexperienced with virtual reality, the use of a technical writer to provide user guides, training manuals, and software documentation can help demystify the complexity of virtual reality to new users. EDC’s technical writers can help make this transition happen faster and as seamless as possible for clients.

Whether you need a team of consultants to produce a complete line of documentation or a single technical writer for a brief project, Essential Data’s Engagement Manager will lead the project from start to finish. At Essential Data Corporation, the quality of our work is guaranteed. Contact us today to get started. (800) 221-0093 or

Written by Stanley Chu


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