Hiring Tech Writers Saves Time and Money

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Hiring Tech and Documentation writers is not only the wisest option, but also the most cost effective. Continue reading to discover how hiring with Essential Data Corporation proves to provide the most efficient solutions throughout many different industries.

Save Money by Improving Customer Retention

A case study on software company customer service showed that by hiring Essential Data’s technical and documentation writers to revise training and resource materials for self-service customer support, our client saw significant cost savings, as well as a significant improvement in customer retention.

In order to see these significant improvements, Essential Data’s tech writers developed and significantly improved over-the-phone support manuals previously used by the software company. Our tech writers made these manuals and procedures more effective and efficient by re-organizing the manuals so that topics could be searched for at a quicker rate.

By increasing the speed of over-the-phone support through documentation, our software company client was able to avoid the more expensive option of hiring live customer support. Thanks to 3 tech writers on staff with Essential Data who were well-versed in the field of online support within the tech industry, this customer support process was streamlined and improved at a reasonable cost.

Making Changes Now Leads to Long Term Success

 An additional case study highlights EDC’s work within the field of bank loan origination procedures. When the loan procedure documentation was rewritten by two tech writers from Essential Data’s expert technical writing services, structural improvements were made throughout the entire bank.

Rewriting these materials resulted in a faster turnaround time in processing loans, and the rewrite was completed before the regulatory bank audit. Furthermore, a blueprint of concise documentation was created for the bank, which continues to result in increased success.

Providing Efficient Solutions

The above examples provide insight on how Essential Data’s dynamic staff of technical writers can improve efficiency in two very different industries. That being said, Essential Data has a technical writer on staff with expertise in nearly every industry imaginable.

Some say that time is money, and by hiring technical writers you can save both.

At Essential Data, our work is both quality and guaranteed. Please contact us today to get your project started, (800) 221-0093 or sales@edc.us.

Written by Ariana Sweany


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