technical writer cost analysis

When it comes to approaching technical and documentation writing projects, a company must do a cost analysis for technical writers. The hiring manager has options to approach the writing project. They can use a pre-existing employee who might have inexperience in technical writing. They can onboard an entirely new full-time employee or can hire an independent contractor.

Oftentimes, these projects are short-term, rather than ongoing work. For example, many of the jobs Essential Data contracts tech writers for grant submissions and documentation paperwork. These projects are typically one-time or occasional needs and not ongoing needs. This explains the appeal of hiring an independent contractor rather than bringing on a full-time employee.

What is the Cost of Hiring a Technical Writer?

Because independent contractors are employed by a consulting company that pays based on hours of work, the consulting company carries the responsibility of PTO, payroll, and benefits. By employing through a third-party company like Essential Data Corporation, factors such as payroll taxes, healthcare, PTO, and 401k take care of the consulting firm in question. Through technical writer cost analysis, the costs of a technical writer reduce. “It costs around 20% more to employ a full-time employee than an independent contractor,” says Essential Data CEO Antionette Allocca.

A Valuable Decision

Here are some additional benefits to hiring an independent contractor for your technical writing needs:

  • Staffing Flexibility
  • Reduce Exposure to Lawsuits
  • Higher level of efficiency due to specialized skillet
  • Works independently
  • Cost per employee savings
  • Access to global talent unlocked

According to Antionette Allocca, “It’s a win-win situation for the employer: a company gets talent quickly, but does not have to immediately offer benefits to their new hire. Instead of maintaining an employee who is a technical writer indefinitely, a firm can bring in a tech writer contractor for a task and then allow the contract to end whenever the time is right,” said Allocca. 

“Hiring managers know that technical writer contractors are a flexible option for completing projects, especially when the budget isn’t there to hire a full-time worker,” said Allocca.

How is Efficiency Key?

As highlighted above, when hiring an independent contractor, you hire a more efficient employee. Independent contractors, specifically technical writers, have their own niche skill set. This allows them to accomplish more tasks at a faster rate. There is no need for lengthy training or onboarding processes when you hire a technical writer with Essential Data Corporation.

After hiring a technical or documentation writer with EDC, they will join your team and immediately begin performing at full capacity. By hiring a tech writer, you are tapping into a wealth of specialized knowledge. 

Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of hiring an independent contractor adds to the high value of a technical writer. As mentioned above, the independent contractor does not receive their benefits from the company in need of their services. It eliminates the risky expenses of onboarding a new employee. “Most of our clients at Essential Data Corporation express that hiring our technical writer contractors reduces the risk their business takes on. The tech writers save these companies money and provide access to in-demand writing skills without adding to company risk,” said Allocca. 

If your company needs a technical or documentation writer, find an independent contractor who will be the most cost-effective choice for your company with Essential Data Corporation.  At Essential Data Corporation, the quality of our work is guaranteed. Contact us today to get started. (800) 221-0093 or

Written by Ariana Sweany